Hello Oak Creek Community.  Thank you for a momet of your time.

Anyone wishing access to see the video captured including of that from our drone may request access by going to:


(sorry system requires you to submit your information rather than just live a link you can go to)



1) Divide the scripts as you'd like once assigned community member may phone 202-660-9950 immediately upon connection you'll hear (the phone line is already active and you may begin at anytime if you'd like)

a message from me with a few instructions.  It is highly encouraged to perform this task in an area free of any noise, if you are able
and have access to a landline results likely will be better otherwise a cell phone with a strong signal will be perfect.

Upon hearing the beep please identify which script you are reading and begin to read it.  When you are done reading whether due to a
successful reading or after you make a mistake press the # sign.  This will give you three options you can accept the recording, you 
hear the recording to evaluate whether or not you'd like to rerecord or not or you can just rerecord.  You'll repeat that process untl you 
accept the recording.  This method allows you to do it when you are free any time of day or night.

2) Anyone may call my office and do it while I am on the phone I will capture the recording and use it for the project 

3) I can take care of it myself by doing it myself or myself and others.

4) I could come back out to record them in person.

Agian, I'd like to stress that these are few sentence scripts and took us very little time during our first attempt.  I stand ready to fix this and again send my sincerest apologies for my error.