TMD Enterprises | TMD Enterprises Welcomes SKANSKA Construction

Welcome SKANSKA.

This page will act as your company landing page.  Pages beyond this point generally require a password and can be retrieved by your site supervisor.  Please note SKASKA Construction has an license agreement with TMD Enterprises which permits the use of these photos for company use only and photos can not be transferred to any one individual without prior written conset from TMD Enterprises.  When using for business purposes you are reminded that photos must have the TMD Enteprises watermark or a photo credit of: TMD Enterprises

As we take on more tasks with different locations you may use this as a landing page where each location will have an entrance to their sites photos as long as you have the password to get into the gallery.  

Client Access

 Orr Elementary, 2200 Minnesota Ave

Enjoy this 360 view of the construction site as taken on May 4, 2017 during Safety week from the top of the current Orr Elementary School building and on the ground.