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Seizing the moment, I decided to document the scene through a quick livestream, starting from the end of the line to the Jurors office where registration was taking place. I made tried to respect the privacy of those in line by capturing only the backs of heads. The video was promptly posted on my company's Twitter page, a hub for breaking news stories.

However, this move was met with some resistance. A reader requested the removal of the video, to which I defended my first amendment right to post it. Unmoved, he reported the post to the court administration. I soon received a call from Douglas Buchanan, Director of Media and Public Relations - DC Courts, who requested the removal of the video to protect the potential jurors' privacy. I asked for any judicial order that prohibited such recordings, to which he responded by saying he would get back to me.

My day continued with my juror number being called, along with about 80 others, for a session with the Honorable Judge Raffinan. We were divided into groups for in person interviews. The Judge took a break for lunch explaining the few left from the first group would remain and the other groups would return at specific times.  I was part of the next group which was to return at 2:30.   As everyone else was dismissed, I was asked to stay back. Alone in the courtroom, I observed both attorneys approach the judge, engrossed in something on a phone. To my surprise, they were discussing my video footage of the Jurors standing in line.

The judge requested that I remove the footage and excused me from duty. I voiced my concerns about her request, emphasizing the public's right to know about the long waiting times and the need for public accountability. She assured me that my concerns would be addressed with the Chief Judge. I stood firm, asserting that the footage was meant to instigate change and hold people accountable.

Shortly after the video was published, the court swiftly acted to improve the situation, sending the remaining jurors to a lounge where they could sit and wait in groups. In the end, the judge clarified that it was only a request to remove the video and that I had been dismissed.

To sum up, the nearly two-hour wait for juror registration was a glaring issue that needed to be addressed. The court was ill-prepared to handle over 500 potential jurors, a problem that had been previously reported. However, the video served its purpose, shedding light on the issue and prompting immediate action. This incident will be brought to the attention of Chief Judge Anita M. Josey-Herring, I'm hopeful this situation does not recur. This victory is a testament to the power of the First Amendment and the potential for positive change.


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VIDEO: Man in car Intentionally strikes Stranger with Bike Killing Him Seeks Dropped Charges [Editors Note:  Video below shows a man being hit and ran over This video may be hard for some readers]45f8bfef-c2b3-4607-b185-1fef00e4d10a[Editors Note:  Video below shows a man being hit and ran over This video may be hard for some readers]

[Editors Note:  Video below shows a man being hit and ran over This video may be hard for some readers]

On the evening of September 4, 2020, the tranquil atmosphere of a residential neighborhood in Southeast DC was shattered by a horrifying incident. The 2100 block of Young Street, typically a haven of suburban peace, became the backdrop for a tragedy that would ignite a complex and contentious legal battle. David Farewell, a local resident, was the victim of a hit-and-run while cycling. Despite the heroic efforts of DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Farewell's injuries proved fatal. The incident, initially thought to be a hit-and-run, took a chilling twist when investigations pointed towards a deliberate act.

Eric Beasley, a 29-year-old resident, was arrested six days later by the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force. Charged with first-degree murder, Beasley's case seemed to be a straightforward one. However, the trial took an unexpected turn when the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict, resulting in a mistrial.

The trial, commencing on September 28, 2023, was marred by a series of misinterpretations and misunderstandings. The jury, entrusted with deciding whether Beasley was guilty of first or second-degree murder, misunderstood their task. They believed they had to agree on both charges before delivering their verdict. This misunderstanding led to a deadlock, with the jury unable to reach a consensus.

In a surprising revelation post-trial, it was discovered that the jury had unanimously agreed on Beasley's innocence regarding the first-degree murder charge. Their disagreement lay solely on the less severe charge of second-degree murder. This discovery led to Beasley's defense attorney filing a motion to dismiss the first-degree murder charge, arguing that her client was being unfairly penalized due to her misunderstanding of the jury's ability to deliver a partial verdict.

The trial was a showcase of compelling evidence and testimonies. Prosecutors presented surveillance footage of Beasley's vehicle striking Farewell, emphasizing the sound of the car accelerating post-collision. They argued that Beasley's actions, including fleeing the scene and failing to call 911, were indicative of a "consciousness of guilt".

In contrast, Beasley's defense attorneys, Madalyn Harvey and Patrick Nowak, argued that the crime scene may have been contaminated. They presented police body-worn camera footage showing various individuals at the scene before it was cordoned off, and a witness tampering with potential evidence.

Beasley himself took the stand, expressing remorse and claiming that he had not intended to hit Farewell. He testified that he was concerned about an alleged altercation between Farewell and his girlfriend, and that his actions were driven by fear rather than malice.

Despite the compelling arguments on both sides, the jury's deadlock and the subsequent mistrial have left the case in a state of uncertainty. On March 2, 2023, Beasley's lawyer requested the court to dismiss the first-degree murder charge against him.

During his trial, which started on September 28, 2023, there was some confusion about the jury's decision. The jury couldn't agree on a decision, but after the trial, it was found out that they all agreed Mr. Beasley was not guilty of first-degree murder. They were only split on a less serious charge of second-degree murder.

However, Beasley's lawyer made a mistake during the trial. She asked for a mistrial, which means the trial has to stop and start again, instead of asking for a partial verdict. A partial verdict would have meant that the jury could have said Beasley was not guilty of first-degree murder, even if they couldn't agree on the second-degree murder charge.

The jury had to decide if Beasley was guilty of first-degree murder or second-degree murder. They thought they had to agree on both charges before they could give their decision. This was a mistake. They could have given their decision on just one charge.

In a similar case, the jury was told not to tell anyone how they voted until they all agreed. This happened again in Mr. Beasley's case. After the trial, the jury told the lawyers and the judge's assistant that they all agreed Mr. Beasley was not guilty of first-degree murder.

Unlike the other case, the government suggested the jury might have only decided on one charge. The judge didn't understand this and made a mistake by saying the jury couldn't have made a decision on just one charge. This mistake hurt Beasley's defense because it didn't allow for a formal decision that he was not guilty of first-degree murder.

Because of these mistakes, Beasley's lawyer is asking the court to dismiss the charge of first-degree murder. They believe that if the jury had been given the right instructions, Beasley would have been found not guilty of first-degree murder. They are asking the court to correct this mistake by dismissing the charge.

The handling of this case by the US Attorney has raised concerns. The fact that such a high-profile case could be marred by such glaring errors is alarming. The question remains: how can you get a hung jury when the evidence of Beasley swerving into the direction of a complete stranger and hearing Beasley running over Farewell on video is so clear? It's hard to believe that after watching it, there's any question that Beasley committed first-degree murder.  If video does not appear below follow: 




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DC - US Attorney Releases Man Accused of 9 Armed Robberies; Now Man of Interest in 10th & now 11th Screenshot 2023-12-16 170440Screenshot 2023-12-16 170440 Screenshot 2023-12-18 082723DC CrimeCards as of December 18th amDC CrimeCards as of December 18th am criteria for this record was explore all crimes over the past 5 months in ANC 8A
















December 18 UPDATE - 7:00 AM  Alert: Armed robbery Investigation in the 1400 block of 22nd Street SE. Lookout for B/M, wearing all black clothing, armed with a black handgun. this will make the 11th Armed robbery in Fairlawn since July.

In ANC8A there has been a 50% increase in Robberies and homicides in the last five months over the same five months last year

Most Recent case - 
2023 CF3 006990 United States Vs. SCOTT, TARIQ this case includes the following incident reports CCN: 23-157-206, 23-120-404, 23-118-026, 23-140, 543, 23-118-027, 23-114-502, 23-138-595 and 23-150-533.

December 15, 2023 - CCN #23203431 Scott is a Person of Interest in this case an one on December 18th on 1400 block of 22nd Street 

Scott also has two prior cases which consists of three armed robberies lots of non compliance violations 

 2016 CF3 019927 his probation was revoked due to these new charges 
2020 CF3 008893 Two armed robberies 

Tariq Scott, a man with a history of criminal activities, is currently sought by law enforcement for his alleged involvement in a series of armed robberies targeting residents and visitors of Fairlawn. The string of thefts, which occurred from July to September, adds to Scott's already extensive criminal record.

Scott's criminal history is as chilling as it is extensive. At the tender age of 16, he and his brother plunged into the world of crime, committing an armed robbery in 2016. Despite being on probation for this offense, Scott's criminal appetite remained unsatiated. In 2020, he escalated his criminal activities, robbing two more individuals at gunpoint.

On December 4th, a US Attorney in Washington DC made a startling announcement. "Upon thorough investigation, the government does not recommend a hold in this case," he declared. The court, in a move that would later prove controversial, granted the Defense Counsel's request for Scott's release on electronic monitoring.

However, Scott, as elusive as ever, failed to appear for his GPS monitoring meeting. A bench warrant was swiftly issued, and since December 5, 2023, Scott has been a fugitive, slipping through the fingers of law enforcement and leaving a trail of fear in his wake.

The Fairlawn neighborhood was once again plunged into terror on December 15, 2023. An armed robbery occurred on Nicholson Street SE, bearing the chillingly familiar pattern of Scott's summer crime spree. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has named him as a person of interest in this case.

As the hunt for Tariq Scott continues, the residents of Fairlawn live in the shadow of his crimes, hoping for justice and an end to the reign of terror that has gripped their community. The story of Tariq Scott serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of crime on communities and the urgent need for effective law enforcement and judicial systems.

DC Residents

I hope this message finds you well. We are writing to you today to seek your support for a cause that we believe is of utmost importance to our community's safety and well-being.

I have drafted an open letter addressed to the US Attorney and the Honorable Errol R. Arthur, seeking clarification on a recent decision that has raised concerns among many. The decision in question pertains to the release of an individual named Tariq Scott, who has a documented history of non-compliance and is accused of nine armed robberies and as a result of his release Scott is now a person of interest in a 10th armed robbery not to mention the three previous people he's accused of robbing..

As one of the ten victims, my concern stems from the lack of information provided on how Scott's release will ensure the safety of our community. I believe that it is crucial for the authorities to provide a clear and comprehensive explanation to alleviate our concerns and ensure that the decision was made with the community's best interests in mind.

I am reaching out to you, as a respected member of our community, to lend your voice to our cause. By adding your name to our letter, you will be joining us in our quest for transparency and accountability from our legal system. Your support will not only strengthen our collective voice but also send a clear message about our community's commitment to safety and justice.

I understand that this is a significant request, and do not take your support lightly. I believe that together, we can make a difference and contribute to a safer, more informed community.

Please find the letter below and your opportunity to support this initiative by signing on as a community signor.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your positive response and appreciate your commitment to our community.


Tom Donohue
Ten Year Resident of The Fairlawn SE DC Community


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PDF: US District Court For The District of Columbia Indictment Against Donald J. Trump Here is the entire DC #Indictment of #trump… #TrumpIndictment 


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) DC Donald J Trump Indictment trump indictment Tue, 01 Aug 2023 22:16:22 GMT
Hot Mic During Block Party Captures Truth on Conspiracy of Two ANC8A Commissioners Hot Mic During Block Party Captures Truth on Conspiracy of Two ANC8A Commissioners
Constituent Files Department of Justice Civil Rights Complaint

272323236_242500271398039_7187396435546429483_n272323236_242500271398039_7187396435546429483_n Washington, D.C. - On Father’s Day, during a block party that was being live-streamed to Facebook,  ANC8A01 Commissioner, began a conversation with a neighbor and small business owner, Tom Donohue where the commissioner had openly admitted to her knowing that ANC8A03 Commissioner, Holly Muhammad does not live where she declared her candidacy for ANC Commissioner and claims she currently lives.  In the recording released today, Crawford says, “Listen, I want to talk to you because I’m gonna be honest with you, Holly Muhammad doesn’t live over here” She can also be heard saying “She don’t live over here, she don’t live over here”

Donohue has claimed Muhammad does not live where she says and that fellow ANC8A Commissioner and friend Barbra Clark permitted Holly to use her address early last year to run for the open ANC8A03 seat.  “It’s been clear that Holly & Barbra conspired together in order to keep Holly as Commissioner, likely to keep access tight and information secret,” Donohue says, he continues “that makes sense as no one has provided information that I have requested in multiple Freedom of Information Act Requests pertaining to the financials over the last three years, they all have been ignored.”

For years ANC8A under Holly, now Jamila White’s presidency, this commission has ignored and refused to inform the voters of this commission what is really going on.  Twice – the Board of Elections has advised the commission to host a special meeting to determine whether a vacancy exists.  This advisement was rejected by Chair White saying, “According to the statute included, a meeting is needed if we have determined a vacancy, and we do not have a vacancy.”  Additionally, time and time again this commission has prevented Donohue from informing the voters of matters concerning the commission, or even just asking questions. 

As a result, Donohue filed a complaint with the DC Board of Ethics & Government Accountability (BEGA) that complaint is currently under investigation.  On Monday, June 26, 2023, Donohue filed a complaint with the Department of Justice Civil Rights division claiming his rights were violated when the commission on multiple occasions either refused to allow him to speak, muted him in attempts to silence him, deleted messages sent during a public meeting removing it from the public record and went so far as to declare publicly during an ANC meeting that he was banned.

Donohue said in a written statement that “the voters of ANC8A need representation from elected officials that will follow the law, will respect the rights of their fellow neighbors, and be accountable to the public.  That means listening to people. not jam-packing a meeting full of speakers and not providing more than 15 minutes to hear the concerns of their neighbors.  ANC8A must hold a hearing and declare ANC8A03 vacant and remove Holly Muhammad from office.”


Audio: Hot Mic During Block Party Captures Truth on Conspiracy of Two ANC8A Commissioners
(This playlist includes multiple examples of instances where ANC8A violated Donohue's Rights)


This is the second letter that the Board of Elections sent Chair White and which the ANC deleted when Donohue posted the link to the letter during the June 2023 virtual ANC Meeting. 

              Updated Letter - Voter Registration Investigation Response - 8A03_Page_1Updated Letter - Voter Registration Investigation Response - 8A03_Page_1   Updated Letter - Voter Registration Investigation Response - 8A03_Page_2Updated Letter - Voter Registration Investigation Response - 8A03_Page_2

This is a letter Donohue sent to his ANC Commissioner Tanya Crawford on June 28, 2023

Tanya Crawford FOIA RequestTanya Crawford FOIA Request

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) ANC ANC8A ANC8A01 ANC8A02 ANC8A03 ANC8A04 ANC8A05 ANC8A06 ANC8A07 Barbra Clark Holly Muhammad Jamila White Wed, 28 Jun 2023 15:04:34 GMT
The Importance of Doing What is Right: Encouraging ANC8A to Act Before the 8 AM Deadline As residents of any community, we have a responsibility to ensure that our voices are heard and that those who are elected to represent us are held accountable for the decisions they make. This is especially true for those who have lived in a community for a significant amount of time, such as the Ten-Year Ward 8 resident, Tom Donohue who has been advocating for ANC8A to host a special meeting about the possible vacancy in ANC8A03 claiming Holly Muhammads has never lived on Minnesota Avenue.  The commissioners know it and refuse to follow the law as the Board of Elections has informed them to do yet refuse.

One of the primary reasons why it is so essential for ANC8A to do what is right is that they are responsible for making decisions that directly impact the lives of Ward 8 residents. This includes decisions related to public safety, education, housing, and community resources. When these decisions are made without considering the needs and concerns of the people who will be affected by them, the consequences can be severe and long-lasting.

Furthermore, doing what is right is crucial for maintaining trust and transparency between elected officials and their constituents. When officials make decisions based on their own interests or partisan politics rather than the needs of the community, residents lose faith in the system and become disengaged from the political process. This lack of trust and engagement can have a negative impact on the community as a whole and make it much more challenging to effect positive change.

In addition to the social and political reasons for doing what is right, there are also economic and practical reasons. For example, making the right decisions about community resources such as parks, schools, and libraries can have a positive impact on property values and attract more businesses and investments to the area. On the other hand, making poor decisions can cause businesses and residents to leave, lowering property values and making it more challenging for the community to thrive.

Another critical factor to consider is the impact that these decisions can have on future generations. When elected officials do what is right and make decisions that benefit residents now and in the future, they are ensuring that their community remains vibrant, healthy, and prosperous for years to come. However, when they make decisions based on short-term gains or personal interests, they are putting the future of the community at risk and leaving our children and grandchildren to deal with the fallout.

Conclusion: Tom Donohue has issued a deadline of 8 AM on Monday morning giving the Commissioners of ANC8A just over twelve hours to "do what is right" and join Tom in demanding the immediate resignation of Commissioners Holly Muhammad and Barbra Clark ahead of his releasing "information that affirms what I have been saying from the start that Holly does not live on Minnesota Avenue and therefore must immediately resign."  Tom has already provided written and sworn affidavits of independent process servers who along with MPD made 10 attempts to serve Holly Muhammad a civil complaint with no success.  He even had an attempt made during an ANC meeting where he told Ms. Muhammad in the meeting chat to go and collect the complaint from the front door.  He has given each of the Commissioners less than twelve hours to notify him of their support to ask for Holly Muhammad and Barbra Clark's immediate resignation otherwise expect their name to be listed as well when he discloses the new information he has.  Either way, he says he plans to file a Department of Justice complaint against the entire Commission for Civil Rights Violations stemming from actions the Commission has taken in order to silence him from speaking out.  By speaking up and having his voice heard, he is showing that the community matters and that having law-abiding neighbors as commissioners that anything is possible. As we move forward, it is essential that we all remember our responsibility to do what is right and to hold our elected officials accountable for the decisions they make. Only by doing so can we ensure that our communities remain strong, healthy, and prosperous for generations to come.

Below find the letter Donohue sent putting the entire Commission on blast telling them anything less than doing what is right will automatically place them on the list of resignations he will demand when he releases whatever it is he has proving Ms. Muhammad does not live where she claims.

8amWard 8 resident issues deadline for ANC8A Commissioners To Do Right

This is the letter from the Board of Elections sent to the Chairwoman of ANC8A advising them they need to host a special meeting.  This is also the very letter that was deleted each time Donohue posted it during his ANC Meeting in June.  They deleted the link Tom posted to prevent the public from knowing what was really going on. 

Updated Letter - Voter Registration Investigation Response - 8A03_Page_1Updated Letter - Voter Registration Investigation Response - 8A03_Page_1

Watch some highlights from this ANC's recent meetings which have led to this:

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DC Murder Suspect Files Emergency Motion to be Released from Jail Due to Conditions The case: USA vs Eric Beasley Case # 2020 CFl 6999
The emergency hearing which could release a murder suspect from jail

BeasleyPhoto Credit: Affidivit of Arrest According to the affidavit in support of an arrest warrant. On Sept 4, 2020, Mr. David Farewell had been "struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in the 2100 block of Young Street, Southeast, Washington, D.C." it goes on to say, "at approximately 2358 hours, the footage depicts a red vehicle with gray front fenders and a bicycle rack, hereinafter the suspect vehicle, traveling south in the 2200 block of Prout Street, Southeast. The decedent, riding a black bicycle, is also traveling in this block on the sidewalk on the eastside of the street. The decedent and the operator of the suspect vehicle travel into the intersections of 22nd and Prout Streets, Southeast. The decedent, on the sidewalk, dismounts the bicycle, and approaches the suspect vehicle. The decedent then gets back onto the bicycle and rides east in the 1400 block of22nd Street until he crosses over near the intersections of22nd and Young Streets, Southeast. The vehicle also begins to travel eastbound into the block and appears to accelerate and swerve toward the decedent, striking and running over him"  

A woman traveling with Mr. Farewell, said that Mr. Beasley followed them as they left the gas station at Prout and Pennsylvania Ave. The witness went on to say that Mr. Beasley was harassing and talking to her and creeping and following them.  She said he said, “Baby girl I want to talk to you. I want to get to know you," or words to that effect.  She said he was "disrespecting" Mr. Farewell (with whom it has children in common) who then stated to Mr. Farewell "This is my wife," and began to get aggressive and jealous however did nothing to the suspect. The witness said she was not arguing with the decedent and that she told Mr. Farewell she did not know the suspect and was trying to walk fast up the street. The witness then heard a car noise and thought suspect Beasley was going to leave.  Before she knew it,” the suspect had "rolled" over Mr. Farewell with the burgundy car and that she believed the suspect did this intentionally. She said she ran to get help and encountered uniformed MPD members who drove her back to the crime scene. The witness said she did not know what the suspect would do to her and feared he may try to shoot her. 

Another witness (2) described what they saw saying she "believed that the red coupe went over a speed bump in a violent manner."  Witness two went on to say that the suspect, "got out of the red coupe and approach a man lying on the pavement they said he stood over the man and tapped him... he was unresponsive". The witness (2) said he "appeared to go through the pockets of the man on the ground and the dragged the man who was lying on the ground behind another vehicle... then got back in the red coupe and drove away did not attempt to provide any aid to the man lying on the ground.  The witness said the suspect left the scene and they could hear a scraping sound as the red coupe left the scene.

The affidavit continued saying, "Sixth District officers observed scrape marks on the pavement on the scene of the offense. These scrape marks continued from the intersection of 22nd and Young Streets. into an alley in the 1900 block of Curtis Court, and north into the 2000 block of Fairlawn Avenue, Southeast. Officers located a parked, unoccupied red two-door Honda Accord with gray fenders and a bicycle rack (DC registration of GAXXXX), matching the description of the suspect vehicle observed on surveillance footage. Officers observed extensive damage to the exhaust system. While canvasing the area where the scrape marks were observed on the pavement, officers located bicycle parts. A black bicycle with extensive damage was also located in a fenced yard in the rear of 1911 Fairlawn Avenue, Southeast.

Detectives obtained surveillance footage from the Mobil gas station at 2305 Pennsylvania Avenue, Southeast. At approximately 2353 hours, the suspect vehicle enters the parking lot and parks at a pump. The driver, a black male with a light complexion, thin build, and dreadlocked style hair pinned back, wearing a white tank top, light colored pants, and black and white tennis shoes gets out of the car. Beasley leaves the driver's door open and walks inside the store to make a purchase. He exits the store within a minute and returns to the suspect vehicle and pumps gasoline. Meanwhile, Mr. Beasley and his companion (witness 1) are pumping air into the tires of a black bicycle. At approximately 2355 hours, they both walk across the parking lot to Nicholson Street, Southeast. The suspect drives out of the lot in the and onto the same street shortly thereafter. No interaction between Beasley, the Mr. Farewell, or the witness appears on the video.

Below is video of the incident as captured by TMD Enterprises security cameras the evening of the incident.

I feel an obligation to the citizens of the district to inform them that there are suspects using the jails conditions as a way of requiesting they be released to home confinement.  I only know about this case because I help follow it for the victim’s family.  says Tom Donohue, Owner of TMD Enterprises. Donohue went on to say, "The video our cameras captured is disturbing to watch then and it still is today especially after getting to know Mr. Farewell's family.  The suspect accordingly to the affidait, Eric Beasley was the driver of the car which our cameras show intentionally swerve to hit Mr. Farewell and just leave him for dead.  This is not the type of Washingtonian I want on our already dangerous Southeast Streets." After being served a subpoena, Donohue turned over video from his cameras of 30 minutes before and after the incident occurred.  He went on to say, "I didn't know anyone involved in the incident however I was moved to hold a candle lit vigil shortly after Mr. Farewell's passing for the family.  I have and continue to remain close to the family by keeping them up to date on the hearings of which they have attended.  I just can't imagine how a murder suspect caught on video intentionally running over a complete stranger could possibly be released and put back into society via home confinement.  I call upon Judge Kravitz to find a humane place for Beasley to continue to be held until his trial next year.  Beasley has a history of violent crimes and although innocent until proven guilty his charge of first degree murder along with the video show Beasley to be a threat to the community and any witnesses.  No inmate should have to live in inhumane conditions however no citizen should be afraid that a murder suspect could be released because under the Mayors watch the jail wasted away to cause such deplorable conditions.  The Mayor has a lot of questions to answer and accountability to claim as she has been Mayor for nearly seven years. 

Supporting Documentation:



[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) David Farewell DC Jail Eric Beasley Hit and Run Sun, 12 Dec 2021 16:00:07 GMT
Boone Elementary Kids took in some music by the Metropolitan Police Department Side by Side Band 245305259_698366441140987_9222603419825242891_nMPD Side by Side Band
Today members of the Metropolitan Police Department Side by Side Band set up on the schools new turff field and played for the students of Ward 8.  Students were having a blast!  As a community member and neighbor to Boone Elementary its so important to see this type of interaction with our youth.  

(From MPD Website on Side by Side Band)

The Side By Side Band was first formed 1972, right in the heart of Washington, DC and it was originally comprised of members from the Metropolitan Police Department, DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services, and the United States Park Police.

During the initial stages of the Officer Friendly Program, the primary focus of the Side By Side Band was to connect with the community, specifically with the youth, by performing at elementary and middle schools. Through the passion and power of music, the band built a rapport among students, their parents and other community members. Over the years, and inspired by their personal experiences with band members – as students from those schools or as fellow members of the Metropolitan Police Department -- numerous officers have performed in the Side By Side Band.

Under the guidance and vision of Chief of Police Peter Newsham, Patrol Chief Lamar Greene, Commander William Fitzgerald and Commander Michae
l Coligan, the Side By Side Band was revitalized in 2018 with a focus on building stronger community policing relationships and engaging with audiences of all ages. Because music is a universal language and a popular outlet among residents of the District, performances by the Side By Side Band create a natural way for the police department to connect with the community.

Since its revitalization, the Side By Side Band has performed at multiple Beat the Streets events, numerous community fairs, and a variety of DC events and pop-up shows. The band has made special appearances at landmarks like the Nationals Park Stadium and DC staple, Ben’s Chili Bowl. The band has also performed on the DJ Flexx GoGo Live 95 show on WPGC 95.5 for the local Washington community.

The School Safety Division regularly partners with the Side By Side Band to coordinate musical performances during Officer Friendly presentations at DCPS elementary schools. Through the Officer Friendly Program, officers visit schools throughout the District and present important age/grade-level appropriate safety lesson plans. The Officer Friendly Program, along with the Side by Side Band performances, provides an opportunity for young people to interact with law enforcement officers in a safe and positive environment.

For more information about the Side By Side Band, or to request a performance, email [email protected].


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Boone Elementary MPD Side by Side Band Fri, 15 Oct 2021 16:54:57 GMT
New Video Surfaces Showing Keisha Young Swinging on Security Moments Before Viral Video In a new video obtained by TMD Enterprises, Ms. Keisha Youngis seen swinging at security while standing on the stairs.  Many have asked what happened just before the now viral video began.  

Keisha Young Swings on Security

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Keisha Young Nellies New Video Throws punches' Wed, 16 Jun 2021 09:22:12 GMT
In Nine Days: DCPS Have Notified 20 Schools of Individual Positive For Covid-19
3/1/2021 Watkins Elementary School
3/1/2021 Seaton Elementary School
3/1/2021 Noyes Elementary School
3/1/2021 Ida B. Wells Middle School
3/1/2021 Whittier Education Campus
3/1/2021 Wheatley Education Campus
3/1/2021 Raymond Elementary School
3/1/2021 River Terrace Education Campus
3/2/2021 Boone Elementary School
3/2/2021 Kimball Elementary School
3/3/2021 Thomas Elementary School
3/4/2021 Garrison Elementary School
3/5/2021 J.O. Wilson Elementary School
3/5/2021 J.O. Wilson Elementary School
3/5/2021 McKinley Technology High School
3/5/2021 Thomson Elementary School
3/6/2021 Maury Elementary School
3/7/2021 Johnson Middle School
3/8/2021 Turner Elementary School
3/8/2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
3/9/2021 Hearst Elementary School
3/9/2021 McKinley Middle School
3/9/2021 Moten Elementary School
3/9/2021 School Without Walls High School
* Bold Indicate multiple Notices

CORRECTION: Previous Title Incorrectly Stated Twenty-Four SchoolsCORRECTION: Previous Title Incorrectly Stated Twenty-Four SchoolsCORRECTION: Previous Title Incorrectly Stated Twenty-Four Schools


Since March 1, 2021, DC Public Schools have notified Twenty schools of at least one individual who was present at the school who reported a positive test for coronavirus (COVID-19).  Four of those schools have had multiple positive test results according to letters sent out by DCPS to each school community and posted on the COVID-19 School Update page.

Each letter states, ". The individual is no longer on campus and will not return until medically cleared. Upon notification of the positive case, and out of an abundance of caution, the building was cleaned and disinfected, including classrooms, office areas, conference rooms, and other common areas."

Each impacted in-person classroom cohort must quarantine for 14 days, students in that classroom will transition to at-home, virtual learning for the time being. All other in-person programing at our building will continue as usual and persons who the school know were in close contact with any positive testing individual were "immediately notified and provided guidance based on DC Health & CDC guidelines".

The letter informs the school community that they do not need to be tested however they strongly suggest they closely monitor themselves and their family for symptoms of COVID-19.

* CORRECTION:  Titled Corrected from saying 24 to 20 Schools.


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[VIDEO] Ms. Angela Belinda Hill Vigil - Under the 295 Bridge EucOOYLXIAEv4B1EucOOYLXIAEv4B1
On February 20, 2021 Wards 7 and 8 along with Friends and family gathered at the home of Ms. Angela Belinda Hill who has lived under the 295 overpass for nearly 20 years.    Below find a Washington Post Article and video to Ms. Hill's vigil. 

Woman dies in cold D.C. weather after battling homelessness, mental illness

Angela Hill is shown in an undated photograph. (Courtesy of Jimmy Williams)

By Justin Wm. Moyer, Washington, Post
Feb. 19, 2021 at 4:41 p.m. EST

No one knows why Angela Belinda Hill lived for years under a bridge in Southeast Washington.

She told some people she was waiting for her husband, although she didn’t have one. Another false rumor was that her son had died on the bridge, and Hill slept beneath it to honor his memory.

Whatever the reason, she wouldn’t leave. Surrounded by blankets, hand wipes and carryout containers, Hill slept on a mattress and made the underpass her home. She would sometimes begrudgingly accept food or hygiene supplies. Other times, she would toss them into the street.

As the city changed around her, she became a fixture near the John Philip Sousa Bridge, routinely spotted by commuters near the Pennsylvania Avenue and D.C. Route 295 interchange. She refused to go to homeless shelters.

Hill is shown in an undated photograph.

Amid this week’s cold snap, Hill’s time at the underpass ended Wednesday, when she was found dead. She was 58.

Linda Miley, who found Hill, lives in the Hillcrest neighborhood east of the bridge. She estimated Hill lived at the underpass “for almost 20 years.”

Miley would drop by with “basic things” for Hill, she said — crackers, water or juice. She last saw her in August during a heat wave, when she brought Hill cool drinks packed in dry ice.

When temperatures plummeted Wednesday, Miley decided to check on Hill.

“I was going to see if she wanted something hot to drink,” she said. “She didn’t respond. I thought she was sleeping. I called her five times. . . . I decided to tap her, wake her up. When I touched her, I realized her body was still.”

Deaths among D.C.’s homeless jumped this year, including 23 who died of the coronavirus

A D.C. police report about Hill’s death noted only that she was found unconscious and not breathing. A cause of death was not released, and the D.C. medical examiner’s office didn’t provide additional details Friday.

At a Thursday news conference, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said at least one homeless person died in the cold this week. Hill was not identified.

“We will do everything possible to have someone come in from the cold,” Bowser said. “We do have safe shelter available for them.”

Wayne Turnage, deputy mayor for the city’s Health and Human Services agency, said in an email that Hill “was known by many of our District agencies, as they diligently worked to connect her to services and supports, including housing.”

Jesse Rabinowitz, spokesman for Miriam’s Kitchen, a D.C.-based nonprofit that helps the homeless and participates in an annual vigil for those who die on the streets, said Hill was one of five homeless people to die in the District in the past two weeks. He called on the city to spend $100 million on efforts that would seek to end chronic homelessness in D.C.

“Ending homelessness is a matter of life and death,” he said. “We see every day that housing saves life and ends homelessness.”

Last year, 180 “undomiciled” people died, according to city records, including 80 people of intoxication, 23 of the coronavirus, nine in homicides and four by suicide.

The Sousa Bridge is among the city’s 68 encampment “engagements” — cleanups of areas where homeless residents have set up tents. It’s not known when Hill last had contact with social workers.

Ashley Brown, Hill’s daughter, said she was not aware of her mother’s contacts with case workers. She said Hill suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder for decades and had lived at the underpass “for well over 10 years.”

She would not take medicine, Brown said, and often didn’t recognize her family.

“It's just been a really tough, tough struggle trying to keep her alive out there,” Brown said. “We just tried to make sure she had the things she needed to survive. . . . At times, we tried to take her physically somewhere, and she would fight. My mom was most comfortable where she was.”

Brown also laid rumors about Hill to rest. She was never married. Her son — Brown’s brother — had not died at the bridge, but is alive and well. Hill has two grandchildren she never met.

Schizophrenia runs in Hill’s family, Brown said. Her grandmother, who lived near the bridge, struggled with the disease. And Hill battled it for as long as Brown can remember.

Before the city removed Brown and her brother from Hill’s care in the 1990s, there were some good times, Brown said. She remembered her mother watching “Star Trek,” completing puzzles and doing her hair.

There also were hard times, when Hill endured mental health crises. She wouldn’t feed her children for weeks. Brown said her brother once sneaked out of the house to steal food from a grocery store. Another time, he used an iron to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

After her children went into foster care, Hill would search for them — “determined to fight and find us during her sicknesses,” Brown said.

“I would never see my mom angry,” she said. “I know that she loved us even after finding out she was ill. I never, ever judged my mom. I had the utmost respect for my mom.”

Those who knew Hill organized an online fundraising drive and a vigil scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Saturday near the bridge.

“In this country we don’t see everybody as human,” Miley said. “There are a lot of people on the street who go to work every day and have no place to live. . . . When you’re on the street, it’ll change your mental state.”

Ayanna Smith, who connected with Hill’s family to organize the vigil, said she lives near the bridge and said she saw Hill frequently.

“She was a member of our community,” Smith said. “I wanted to honor her. . . . I wanted people to say her name, to know she was a person.”

For Brown, her mother’s death comes amid a season of sorrow. Her aunt, Hill’s sister, died two months ago, possibly of the coronavirus.

There is just one silver lining.

“I can finally touch her,” Brown said. “She would never ever let me touch her. . . . When I got the news, I cried. I was like: ‘I can finally hug my mom.’ ”

People with concerns about someone living outside can call the District’s shelter hotline at 202-399-7093.


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Funeral Service for Westlake High School Athletic Director Dominic Zaccarelli Athletic Director_layer_copyWaldorf, Maryland Athletic Director Dominic Zaccarelli Dominic F. Zaccarelli
02/25/1964 - 01/18/2021

Dominic “Dom” Zaccarelli, of LaPlata Maryland, passed away at the age of 56 on January 18th, 2021 as a result of complications with Covid-19.

He is preceded in death by his father, Dominic “Doc” Zaccarelli; paternal grandparents, Emidio and Esther Zaccarelli; maternal grandparents, Daniel and Marian Weber; father-in-law, William “Squeeky” Hanson; and mother-in-law Patricia Hanson.

Dominic is survived by his wife, Carol “Kris” Zaccarelli; mother, Jerrilynn Zaccarelli Herfurtner; sisters, Tracy Zaccarelli and Sherri Humphrise (Ramont); children, Carolyn Stewart (Mike), Dominic “Tony” Zaccarelli (Kaitlyn), and Rachel Schmidt (Ethan). He was also an adoring Pop-Pop to Naomi, Melia, Riley, Michael, and Hailey. Dom was also loved by 7 nieces and nephews.

Dom was born on February 25th, 1964 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and when he was 10 years old the Zaccarelli family relocated to Charles County, Maryland. In 1982, Dom graduated from LaPlata High School where he was fortunate enough to meet the love of his life, Kris. Dom and Kris were married on July 16th, 1983 and happily enjoyed over 37 years together.

After graduation, Dom attended Millersville University and later the University of Maryland. Moving back to La Plata, Dom took his first job selling insurance at the Creelman Agency with his father. While working full time, he also started coaching wrestling, baseball, and football over at McDonough High School.

Dom quickly discovered that he was passionate about coaching and helping students fulfill their potential. He was hired as the head football coach at Westlake High School where he fondly became known to students, parents, and staff as “Coach Zac”. In 1996, Dom took on double duty and in addition to head football coach he was also hired as the school’s athletic director, a position he held for 25 years until his passing.

As coach of the Westlake Wolverines for 19 seasons, Dom led the team to an impressive 148 wins and only 34 losses. In 2008 he led Westlake to a 3A Football State Championship Title and in 2015 the state of Maryland recognized Coach Zac for his contributions and inducted him into the Maryland High School Football Hall of Fame.

More impressive than his record, was the impact that Coach Zac had on the community. He had hundreds of players who would go on to play at the collegiate level and numerous players that continued to play in the CFL and NFL. In 2008 after winning the state championship, Dom established the Chick-Fil-A Bowl to help showcase Maryland high school football athletes for college recruiters. He volunteered his time with the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference (SMAC) and fought to expand opportunities for student-athletes across the region. Dom believed in the power of education and always trying your best, on and off the field. He used athletics as a catalyst to share many of life's important lessons with his students.

When he was not working, Dom enjoyed traveling with his wife, Kris, and close friends. If he was home, you could catch him on Sunday watching (and critiquing) the Washington Football Team. He loved spending time with his three children and five grandchildren. Dom was always there for a sound word of advice or to make you laugh.

Dom will be sorely missed by his family, friends and the community he served. Due to COVID restrictions, the funeral service will be invitation only. However, we do plan to live stream the service, so that the members of our community far and wide will be able to celebrate his life and legacy with the family. The link for the live stream will be shared at a later time.

You are welcome to leave comments for the family, we'll be sure to make them aware of them.

 Viewing & Funeral Mass
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

St. Mary's Catholic Church

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Dom Zaccarelli Dominic F. Zaccarelli Funeral Viewing Westlake High School Wed, 27 Jan 2021 10:13:41 GMT
COVID Savings Alert: Update Auto Insurance Score & Save BIG! save-money-on-car-insurancesave-money-on-car-insurance
Hi Folks, Tom here Owner of TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography.  With our business being drastically impacted by Covid-19 I am trying to save and cut corners as much as possible.  I sort of stumbled upon this cost-saving measure.  

Call your auto insurance and ask them to review your policy and verbally ask them to run your 'Insurance Score' it's like your credit score but for your insurance.  Insurance companies do not run this automatically so when my policy recently renewed the insurance score was not run, this is something you can do on a yearly basis and that can only be done with verbal authorization from the policyholder.  Apparently, mine had not been run for three years. So when she went to check it the only 'change' I made to the policy really was reduced the number of miles I drive in a year (which really doesn't change the cost of the premium that much if any) Keeping everything the same after she ran the Insurance Score she was able to drop my monthly payment by $67 per month that nearly 18-minute call saved me $403.86 for what's left of my 6-month premium.  It is definitely worth having them run it.  Now Your Insurance Score can increase your premium if you run it as well so carefully review to make sure you haven't had any lapses of your insurance or any other derogatory 'dings' with your insurance as you may not want it updated. 

To give you a sense of how the conversation went I have included the recording of the call with any private or identifying information removed.

Give it a try and if it works and saves you some money hit me back and leave a comment and let's see how much money we can save folks.

Good luck!


To hear the audio from the conversation with Geico click this link:

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Mon, 28 Dec 2020 02:01:45 GMT
At Large Candidates: Do you Have Three Minutes for M Hello At Large Candidates! Three MinutesThree Minutes

My name is Tom Donohue; I am a photographer / videographer who lives in Ward 8 for just about eight years. The reason I am writing to you is I was thinking, and while looking at the sample ballot, I realized that I didn't recognize many of you that are running for this At Large position, and frankly, that's not fair to you all. So without any expectation of anything in return, I would like to capture a no more than a three-minute video of you via my zoom room, ideally introducing yourself and making a pitch of your candidacy that will be widely circulated on social media.

I give no specific guarantees of its success; however, I will supply each candidate a link they can also promote if they'd like yet. To make it fair to everyone, if you use any of my final videos, you must use it all. That means to be fair to everyone; if you decide to make use of the video, you must share everyone's video as well (it will be one video that can be seen at a specific link I just ask that no one edits just their part out to share) . Now what folks do with it from there is beyond our control, but I would expect each campaign to honor my genuine attempt in helping everyone, and when sharing, please share without any edits. I will not be editing the videos; however, you have 30 minutes to get it right the way you want to. I will take whichever take you can complete within the 30 minutes.  

Folks, this is a genuine attempt to help educate our fellow neighbors. I honestly have no affiliation with any particular campaign. My first ever involvement with anything political in DC will be my assisting the Anacostia Coordinating Council with the broadcasting of Mondays Ward 8 & At Large State Board of Education Candidate Forum. That's it. 

So no secret agenda or affiliation – just a local small business that wants to help educate our neighbors while things are so quiet with my own business due to Covid-19.

To register for your 30-minute slot, please go to Again, this is a free service to your campaign.   I am offering it to each campaign, and it will take very little work on both our parts; however, it will help get your word out. Again, my only goal is to provide an additional outlet to help all candidates. When I started thinking about my ballot, I didn't realize how many of you there were and that I couldn't vote in good conscience if I didn't know anything about everyone, until now. Hopefully, others will watch and also gain the same insight.  I'd suggest of each campaign, list additional ways to learn more about you and how to contact you during your Three minutes. Listen, I have a very aggressive schedule for this. I want to capture your remarks Fri and Sat and hopefully have it completed by Monday, fingers crossed. Now, who is in?

Just go to and sign up for a 30-minute slot; we'll meet in my zoom room. Please be ready, prepared, and have practiced. I will not go over 30 minutes. Remember, keep it to three minutes and see you soon.

If you'd like to make contact with me, I can be reached at [email protected] or via phone at 202-525-4390 x102

Thank you for your consideration. I hope this effort is helpful to everyone


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) " Calvin H. Gurley Christina D. Henderson Claudia Barragán" DoctorMic" Franklin Garcia Marcus Goodwin Mario Cristaldo Markus Batchelor Marya Pickering Michangelo Rick Murphree Scruggs" Vincent Orange Wed, 14 Oct 2020 23:22:54 GMT
An Email Chain With DC Council Chair and his Confusion Between Politics & Concern As a resident of Ward 8 in DC for eight years, I got fed up thinking about the lack of updates regarding the mass shooting that occurred a few weeks ago this email chain with DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson which starts at the bottom.  Read from the bottom to the top.

DC City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson Phil Mendelson response to inquiry about the mass shooting that recently happned in DC Mr. Chairman & Neighbor, 

With all due respect, and I mean that sincerely – you sir are an elected official. You have chosen to be a publicly paid public servant for that I thank you. With this comes a great deal of responsibility as you and your colleagues are tasked partly with my neighbor's safety. You represent us, and when I believe my safety and well-being are in jeopardy, I must speak out and let my elected officials know. I think it is also your responsibility to inform us of updates related to those matters of most importance.

Chairman, I apologize that you feel you have to take my concerns. Rather than acknowledge and understand them, you choose to defend your actions regarding the single largest mass shooting in Washington, DC history. Did you even recognize my concerns in your response? Have you yet answered my specific question about the four gunmen's whereabouts? No, Instead, you let my criticism of you, an elected official, apparently offend you and then try to discredit my due diligence claiming the information I had provided was untrue. Sir, the information I provided publicly was information you offered me due to my using your 'meetup' online forum you created for residents of the District to communicate with you and ask you questions. 

I, in turn, captured your entire response to my question and included it in my article. So your claim to try to discredit me rather than listen to me is flawed by the use of your own words. "I did talk to the chief about it at the time.' You make no further indication of any other efforts in your two-minute ramble about something other than what I specifically asked. I asked, "Sir, Two weeks past and no update on four shooters that caused the largest mass shooting in DC history and largest in the country this year…". That was then translated by your team and read to you as "Do you have any update on the shooting at the mass gathering that happened in Ward 7 two weeks ago?" To which your response was, "I do not have an update on that." My frustration with you and other Council members is that, like in your answer, there has been no attention or pressure brought on publicly or even publicly discussed where the four gunmen continue to threaten our neighborhoods. Not once in your rambling response on gun laws did you mention the urgent need to get these individuals identified and brought to justice for the murder of a 17-year-old Washingtonian who was also the father of a one-year-old. Did you happen to forget about the victims of this mass shooting? 

With that said, my account of your response since the shooting was accurate, and Sir, you are your source, you made no mention of any other conversations with anyone since the incident.  

I did my due diligence; I went to several sources, you, MPD, & Ms. Tiffany Brown. I contacted the public information officer and asked specific questions:

"There have been no updates on the mass shootings that occurred on August 9th. Why haven't there been any updates about the largest mass shooting in DC history to the public? Are there any updates in general? There were well over 150 people. Do you have any video or images to release any description of the shooters? Are you still thinking four shooters? Any details as to why it happened? Also, please confirm that no charges have been filed against anyone, including the organizers. Finally, how is the off duty police officer?" I published MPD's entire response.

Finally, I had another brief conversation with the mother of Christopher Brown, Tiffany. I can't imagine the pain she is feeling. Now I understand that several departments likely will become subject of possible legal action and, understandably, what might be said from the local government may be limited, but for God sakes, no one from city government, including the CM from Ward 7, could have visited her, updated her – nothing!? I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for her to push forward each day, knowing that at any point, she could be passing by the killer who shot her son dead and ended a relationship that his son will never remember. She, of all people, should be given the courtesy of some updates.

See Mr. Chairman, you sir should be thankful to have community involvement and citizen concern. I stand by my characterization of my email based on the information you provided me. You made no other accounting of any other meeting you had with MPD when answering my inquiry. This Sir is not about my' politics.' I do not want my frustration likened to anything other than the disappointment of City Council and your Chairmanship. Four shooters, including one murderer, roam loose on our streets. All four of these criminals have zero concern for any of our neighbors' lives, as evidenced by what sounds to be random neighbors shot that night. These are four dangerous individuals who must be removed from our streets - if not for the neighbors and community at large, but Christopher, his son, for his mother and family.

 See, its easy for you to 'liken' my frustration to politics. However, what has been lost upon you, Sir, is in your attempt to divert blame - one of your neighbors is concerned for other children being shot, other fathers, being shot, our neighbors being shot, or, worst-case scenario, me being shot. That there is genuine concern for my neighbors for myself, not politics. Define it as you want; however, this is about my neighbors' elected politicians' accountability for keeping us informed. You are welcome to avoid facing my initial concern over the four gunmen running our streets. However, suggesting my correspondence is anything other than my attempt to help bring justice to Ms. Brown and her family & friends and help bring a sense of safety to my southeast neighbors. Your decision to likening my genuine concern to our President is disgusting. I haven't picked any fights in the eight years I have lived in DC except for a stop sign. However, I do have to agree this is a fight I am willing to pick. Yes, I hold you, Council, any agency tasked with finding those who killed our 17-year-old father and neighbor.

Additionally, 21 others were shot or injured that August night. Their lives were changed forever. The Council must pressure MPD and the Mayor to find those responsible as quickly as possible while keeping District residents updated on any progress. This way, not only can the family of Christopher Brown finally rest, so can my criticism of how this matter has been handled. Until then, you can expect me to use any medium possible moving forward to keep this matter alive until this 'horrible situation' involving the lives of so many DC residents solved, and the gunmen are removed off our streets.

I think you're right; our community has become complacent with the nearly daily, sometimes hourly reports of shootings. We hear the rounds go off as we lay in bed or are on the couch watching tv. All we can do is sit and pray that one of those bullets doesn't stray to find another child in its path or end of another neighbors life. It's not a matter of our community accepting of gun violence; it's a matter of survival; it's a matter of the inability to find a solution to a problematic situation. Our neighbors of the District of Columbia rely on your attentiveness, assertiveness, and the District's rich resources to quickly find a resolution without violating anyone's constitutional rights. That's why you were elected; it wasn't to criticize a neighbor when that neighbor expressed concern over his well-being and his neighbors' safety and well-being.

Respectfully frustrated, your Ward 8 neighbor,

Tom Donohue

PS, I have emailed the Judiciary Committee expressing these same concerns with no response from any other City Council member other than CM Vincent Gray.

PPS, If you don't tell us, we don't know.


From: Mendelson, Phil (COUNCIL) <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2020 4:53 PM
To: Tom Donohue <[email protected]>
Cc: Walton, Lindsey (Council) <[email protected]>
Subject: FW: Mass Shooting


Mr. Donohue,

Your email is dated August 28th.  It accused me: “The Chairman hasn’t even inquired.”  That is factually untrue; by August 28th I had discussed the shooting twice with the Chief of Police.  As I said at the “meetup,” a portion of which you included on your blog (link), I spoke with the Chief “at the time” the shooting occurred.  Please re-listen to your own blog.  I spoke with him again, last week, after my monthly meeting with him.

I find the public discourse over current events has become increasingly and unnecessarily angry and combative.  Perhaps it is not prudent for me to push back.  It is fair to ask what I’ve done rather than accuse me of doing “nothing,” not “even inquired.”   I don’t know your politics, but I want to liken this to the President:  pick fights rather than resolution.

So what have I done?  I continue to press law enforcement agencies through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (on which I sit) to be more aggressive about gun violence and looking at deterrent steps that can be taken (like specialized gun prosecutions, gun court, immediate step backs for anyone accused of a gun offense while on probation, parole, or pending trial, etc.)  I wrote our gun laws which arguably are the strongest in the nation.  I meet monthly with the Police Chief to discuss gun violence.  I’ve supported alternative approaches like violence interrupters.  I’ve put money in the budget for an organization called DC Witness to track what actually happens to homicide cases, because I believe accountability is sorely lacking over what the US Attorney does with gun violence (see  I’m open to proposals that have been successful in other jurisdictions.  I should note, though, that primary jurisdiction at the Council for public safety lies with the Judiciary Committee chaired by Councilmember Charles Allen.  There was a mass shooting when I chaired that Committee 10 years ago and I immediately held a public hearing.

I also believe that our community is more accepting of the violence than it should be, even though most individuals would deny this.  But it would be good if more people were as angry as you. 

Thank you for taking the time to write.

-Phil Mendelson 



From: Tom Donohue <[email protected]>
Date: Friday, August 28, 2020 at 8:44 AM
To: "
[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Subject: Mass Shooting


Hey! Remember That DC Mass Shooting, Largest One Ever in DC? Here's Why You Should Be MAD AS HELL.


Two Weeks and nothing.  The Chairman hasn’t even inquired.  Does he care about us in southeast?  4 FOUR shooters are still at large and the Chairman doesn’t even care to follow up about them?


Tom Donohue

8 year Ward 8 Resident and small business.


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Tue, 01 Sep 2020 15:23:21 GMT
Hey! Remember That DC Mass Shooting, Largest One Ever in DC? Here's Why You Should Be MAD AS HELL. It’s now been over two weeks since the shooting that took place on Sunday, August 9th at 12:20 am on the 3300 block of Dubois St SE Twenty-one people were shot and one 17-year-old young man, Christopher Brown a proud father of a one-year-old was killed. Ask yourself if anyone from DC Gov't or even news outlets have updated you on the four shooters (or whom I've called killers because all of were prepared to shoot to kill).  Nope, nothing from literally everyone.  Imagine if the major networks were standing out on Dubois St as if it was a school shooting,  Think there would be this silence?  if that doesn’t make you pissed the following might.
Two Weeks Later and This is What We Know…

  • According to Stephanie Ramirez of WUSA, two days prior to the cookout, the 6D Commander Durriyyah M. Habeebullah circulated an email to multiple agencies, MPD members, and Ward Councilmember Vincent Gray which contained a copy of the flyer the organizers put out.  It said ‘If you are familiar with the sponsor, please reach out as these events are prone to gun violence.  We will monitor and make attempts to address but are requested additional assistance from our partners to bring relief to the community”
  • According to a “DC Native | A proud resident of Anacostia in Southeast DC | USMC Vet | NoVA/UVA | Criminal Justice | Independent” twitter user anacostia904 a snippet of guidance from the Mayor clearly instructs that law enforcement “shall take no enforcement action, either through custodial or non-custodial (61-D) arrests against members of the public for violations of the Mayor’s Order
  • As of August 27th, no charges have been filed against any of the organizers.
  • When asked by TMD Enterprises about the shooters during his August Meetup with Mendo on August 24th, Chairman of DC Governing Council Phil Mendelson admits to not having any update and not speaking with MPD since the incident & mentions nothing about the four shooters still at large.

Tiffany Brown, Christopher Brown's Mother confirmed to TMD Enterprises on Thursday evening she informed us that she hasn't heard anything.  She deserves an update, she deserves to know her son's killer is being tracked down, she deserves a sense of safety, and frankly, with the inaction of MPD, she deserves justice.

In an email to TMD Enterprises Sean Hickman, Public Information Officer says, "MPD is currently investigating the circumstances around this incident. This is an ongoing investigation and there are no updates at this time. MPD has not released any photos or video footage. The off-duty officer is recovering and in stable condition."  Not only does City Council not have an update or even inquired about the incident since it occurred MPD has nothing to offer as an update.  Over two weeks later, hundreds attending and not one photo, or video, not one description of any of the four shooters.  The streets of Southeast Washington DC have four gunmen one of which is a murderer roaming the streets able to shoot again and two weeks later there is no update and the Councilmember responsible to its constituents in Ward 7 has done nothing to pressure or even show condolences to the family of Christopher Brown.  That is a shame.  The largest mass shooting in DC history and everyone is mute two weeks later.  

Watch Phil Mendelson struggling to find works on the fact he has no update two weeks later on the largest mass shooting this year in the United States and the largest mass shooting in Washington, DC history.

Washington DC City Council Chairman Phil MendelsonThis was recorded on August 24, 2020 His Staff:

Monique Bexley

Administrative Director

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202) 724-8792

Lindsey Walton

Director of Communications

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202)724-8140

Mike Battle

Legislative Assistant

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202)724-8108

Brenda McDuffie

Constituent Services Director

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202)724-8027

Brittany Hughes

Deputy Director of Constituent Services

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202)724-8158

Alicia Henry

Executive Assistant/Scheduler

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202)724-8038

Faye Caldwell

Administrative Assistant

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202) 724-8032

Phil Mendelson

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (202) 724-8032
Fax: (202) 724-8085




[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Christopher Brown Mass Shooting MPD Phil Mendelson Fri, 28 Aug 2020 04:31:23 GMT
Scott Hoying Hamilton Themed Dr. Fauci Tribute Video Singer Scott Hoying Fauci TributeSinger Scott Hoying performs a tribute to Dr. Anthony Fauci with a rendition of Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda's.

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Dr. Anthony Fauci Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda Scott Hoying Singer Wed, 22 Jul 2020 14:42:08 GMT
SE DC Public School Admin Now A Whistleblower Discusses Alarming Concerns For All Kids In All Wards Mr. Marlon Ray

Ray PhotoRay Photo Raised by his eldest brother, who substituted for a deceased mother and an absent father, Marlon knows all too well that less-than-ideal circumstances shall never predict your outcomes.  Mr. Ray, a self-proclaimed country boy who values southern manners, has worked on opposite ends of the education spectrum:  employed many years within higher education and later served as a parole officer. 

Mr. Ray was the founder of 11408inc: a now defunct, nonprofit that mentored male youth in the District of Columbia. His philosophy is to do "whatever it takes" to ensure students are prepared to succeed in tomorrow's competitive global economy.  " My most important task is to be a positive role model who will correct students with wisdom, facilitate solutions, to include, teach, coach and advise."  

Mr. Ray is forced to fight against the injustice that plagues Southeast DC Use This for previewsUse This for previews
public school children. He believes that residents East of the River can’t  breath! It is the knee of the DC  mayor, who oversees education, that’s pressed deep unto the neck of the historically oppressed Black people of Wards 7 and  Ward 8.  I’m shouting out the injustice against our children and families but my outcry, plea and call for justice go unheard.  Each day we’re gasping to breath! 

He believes that it is his responsibility as a Black man, a Black man with experience, a Black man with wisdom, and a Black man with patience and time, to help Black youth navigate a turbulent life road map. Mr. Ray holds a master’s of education from University of Oklahoma.


Press Kit:


Supporting Documentation Location to Download
Marlon Ray Bio
Press Release
Whistleblower Letter to DCPS
Purchase Orders
DCPS Payments to Relay
DCPS Admin also Relay Coaches




[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) ."Marlon ."Ward8" DC Public Schools Ray" Ward 7 Whisleblower Fri, 03 Jul 2020 20:12:30 GMT
PRESS RELEASE: Longtime Southeast School Administrator Files for DC Whistleblower Protections PRESS RELEASE

Contact: Tom Donohue
Office: 202-525-4390 x102
[email protected]



Mr. Marlon Ray. Director of Strategy & Logistics at Lawrence E. Boone Elementary


Whistle Blower Protections


Wednesday, July 1, 2020  at   3:00 PM




Upon Registering please look for an email from Airsend which gives access to media kit, ability to chat with Ray it includes Video of Ray interacting with Students, Parent & student protest, B-roll of School, Ray bio, Whistleblower notification, press release, and entire presser upon completion

Longtime Southeast School Administrator Files for DC Whistleblower Protections

Ray files for protection after revealing disparate treatment of Black students and evidence of procurement fraud in conjunction with Relay program.

Use This for previewsBoone Elementary Logo Washington, DC, June 29, 2020:  Mr. Marlon Ray, Director of Strategy and Logistics at Lawrence E. Boone Elementary, recently filed for whistleblower protection with the DC Public Schools. Mr. Ray sought these protections due to his revelation of disparate treatment of Black children in Wards 7 and 8 under the Relay Graduate School of Education or (RGSE). Mr. Ray also seeks whistleblower protection for revealing knowledge of misappropriations and other wrongdoing concerning the District of Columbia's government payments to Relay as well as a DC Public Schools purchase order.

In his letter to DC School officials, Mr. Ray noted that he had "become aware of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement" in the Relay Graduate School of Education and that he considered it a threat "to the health and wellness of DCPS children."

Mr. Ray seeks an immediate investigation into the Disparate Treatment of Black children in Ward 7 and Ward 8, being subjected to Relay: a widely-known school-to-prison pipeline structure with racist and militaristic practice, while schools with predominately White students are not subjected to Relay practices."

Mr. Ray also believes that Dr. Carolyn Jackson, the 18-year DCPS Principal of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary was terminated for not supporting Relay and not as a result of low scores alleged by the DCPS chancellor, to DC At Large City Councilmember Robert White, at the recent DCPS budget hearing.

He offers his support to those students and members of the community who have protested Dr. Jackson's firing. In his letter, Ray notes that “I am compelled to bring this to your attention, as required by under the District law covering Whistleblowing (DC Official Code § 1-615.51 et seq.) (2001 Ed.; 2006 Repl.)"

Mr. Ray further emphasizes his position by stating, “I will no longer stand by while our Ward 7 and 8 scholars and my neighbors’ children are subjected to the teachings forced upon them through the Relay program and will not sit back accepting cuts in the budget to Ward 7 and 8 while these appropriations of public money are in question related to Relay.”

District Elementary Chief, Dr. Jeffrey Holmes, admitted that there was "no data" that shows Relay has produced successful outcomes within the DCPS. Mr. Ray also reports that several cities and states have previously denied Relay access to their students due to their own concerns.

Relay advertises itself as a teacher and administrator program that trains participants with a curriculum "rooted in pedagogical theory and grounded in evidence of what works best in schools." Their stated goal is "to provide all PK-12 students with high-quality education and choice-filled lives."

In contrast, Mr. Ray feels the program has had harmful effects on DC students and that financial malfeasance and unfair personnel terminations have resulted from the district's partnership with the organization.



[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Boone DCPS Elementary" Jeffrey Holmes Marlon Ray. Relay TMD Enterprises Mon, 29 Jun 2020 08:48:45 GMT
Boone Elementary Parents & DCPS Admin Meet to Discuss Termination of Principal JK.

Boone Elementary Parents Meeting With DCPS Administration

Parents of students at Lawrence E. Boone Elementary request a meeting with DCPS Administration about the recent non-renewal of their school Principal Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King . During this online Teams meeting parents at times got emotionally heated telling the administration they were not listening and that they were being disrespectful for wasting an hour of their time if they were not going to even consider the testimonials. A good amount of discussion also surrounded the controversial Relay Graduate School of EDU. Asking questions about contracts and money paid out on those contracts, associations with DCPS officials and Relay.


Entire Meeting between Parents of Students at Lawrence E. Boone Elementary and DC Public Schools

Here is the entire virtual Team meeting requested by parents of students at Boone Elementary. Here you will hear all of the testimonies from parents and students.


Dr. Homes explains Leadership Standards

 DCPS Begins to explain what goes into evaluating Principals.

Where is the Relay Money Going?

At A meeting Parents of students at Boone Elementary in Ward 8 question where the money is going related to pubic contracts awarded to Relay

Questions about Conflicts of Interest With DCPS Administrators

DCPS Cluster II Instructional Superintendent Ms. Stinson respons to direct question about her involvement with the Relay program.


"My Child is not your prisoner"

A parent tells DCPS that her child will not be their prisoner when it comes to implementing the Relay Program at Lawrence E. Boone Elementary


"Excuse me!, You are being very dismissive and disrespectful"

Parents of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary express their frustration with DC Public Schools saying they have wasted the parents time and that they were not listening to them.


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) .TMDEnterprises" Boone Elementary DC Public Schools DCPS DCPS Administration Dr. Jackson King Principal Termination Tue, 16 Jun 2020 14:27:14 GMT




[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Thu, 11 Jun 2020 00:16:42 GMT
For the first time ever: Listen to Live Supreme Court Arguments

For the first time every you may now hear oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court.  Take a moment of history int today and take a listen.












[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Supreme Court Mon, 11 May 2020 14:20:12 GMT
Seems the Chancellor Has Spoken, New Administration Coming To SE Boone Elementary Seems The Chencellor Has Spoken, New Administration Coming To SE Boone Elementary

Lewis-FerebeeLewis-Ferebee(Photo by Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post via Getty Images) Chancellor of DC Public Schools, Dr. Lewis Ferebee breaks his silence for the first time since March 31st when Tom Donohue, a Ward 8 neighbor of Boone Elementary shared with his fellow Ward 8 neighbors news about the sudden termination (during a pandemic)  of not only the Director of Strategy and Logistics, Mr. Marlon Ray (17 years with DCPS) but also the Principal. Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King (18 years with DCPS) Both top administrators work at the newly named and constructed Lawrence E. Boone Elementary (formally known as Orr Elementary)

In response to an email Donohue sent to the Chancellor inviting him for a discussion or even just a statement Dr. Ferebee responded saying "I appreciate your commitment and support of Boone Elementary School and that of DCPS. With the recent news that Principal Jackson-King will not be returning next year, thank you for sharing your concerns and invitation to speak with you."  He goes on making it very clear that Boone Elementary was moving forward however without the loved Principal or Mr. Ray leading them instead offering some reassurance telling Donohue, "twe will work closely with the school’s administrative team to ensure students, staff, and families are supported through this transition".  

Complete Text of Email:

Ferebee, Lewis (DCPS) <[email protected]>

Tue 5/5/2020 10:43 PM

Thank you for writing, Mr. Donahue.

I appreciate your commitment and support of Boone Elementary School and that of DCPS. With the recent news that Principal Jackson-King will not be returning next year, thank you for sharing your concerns and invitation to speak with you. Per our Labor and Employee Relations standards and policies, I cannot comment on personnel matters and will have to decline the invitation to speak more about this.

I assure you that your request and any subsequent feedback will be noted, and we are committed to using what we receive to help inform timelines and communications moving forward. While matters that inform personnel decisions are confidential, I assure you that we will work closely with the school’s administrative team to ensure students, staff, and families are supported through this transition.

Thank you again for writing.




From: Tom Donohue <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, May 4, 2020 at 1:30 PM
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Subject: TMD Enterprises - Principle Posting

Chancellor Ferebee;

My Name is Tom Donohue, Owner of TMD Enterprises and source of the information coming out about Boone Elementary.  I wanted to reach out to you to see if you had any interest in joining me in an online out reach to those concerned about the events.  I’d even be willing to just have a message sent out to the community.  I know many are inquiring about this and so I wanted to provide an opportunity to speak directly to the Ward 8 community and others that have concerns.  Would you be interested?

Thank you for your time I hopeto hear from you soon.



Parents, Students, Ward 8 Neighbors, Fellow DC Residents, Friends:

Friends of Boone have informed us that they are planning some LOUD, Well attended protests, simular to the one out in front of Boone a few weeks ago.  In order to capture your contact information to keep you informed and at times at a moments notice, we ask that you complete this short survey below.  No information will be shared and will only be used for matters relating to DCPS.



TMD Enterprises ADDS - Petition: Reinstate Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King as Principal of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary School Petition 

This release was sent to TMD Distribution Services, a dvision of TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography.  TMD Enterprises is a friend and neighbor of Lawrence E Boone Elementary we were honored to capture the tranformation of the former Orr Elementary from ground breaking to opening of the newly named Lawrence E. Boone Elementary and athletic field a nearly two year projecct.  We stand by Mr. Ray and Dr. JK


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) . Boone Elementary Chancellor DC DCPS Lewis Ferebee Public Schools" Southeast DC Ward 8 Wed, 06 May 2020 05:16:22 GMT
YOU ASKED: Boone Elementary Community Forum A message from The Friends of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary:

DSC_0865DSC_0865 Hello Southeast, East of the River (EoTR), and River East residents, it's time for us to unmute Ward 8 #unmuteW8. It's time to be informed about the racist practices enforced upon our children, the lack of transparency with families, and the wide-spread injustice that's happening to school leadership EoTR, by District of Columbia Public Schools.

Join our first of many community forum informational session meetings this Friday, May 8th to find out what's happening in our DCPS schools and address the below questions and more.

Question: Why did White Instructional Superintendents enforce Relay. Relay has racist and militaristic practices that's forced upon EoTR schools only? No NW schools have Relay.

Question: Why has only White Instructional Superintendents fired/non-reappointed multiple Black principals from SE DC and ZERO principals have been fired in NW DC?

Question: Why were Black principals fired by White Instructional Superintendents for questioning Relay?

If WE don't stand together and demand change NOW, on these issues, DCPS knows WE will fall for whatever they push upon our children EoTR.

We need: parents, guardians, students, teachers, school staff, principals/APs, business owners, vendors activist, clergy, comm. leaders, and ALL residents of Ward 8, in the words of Trayon White, "do something." Thank you!



Stay informed:


TMD Enterprises ADDS - Petition: Reinstate Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King as Principal of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary School Petition 

This release was sent to TMD Distribution Services, a dvision of TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography.  TMD Enterprises is a friend and neighbor of Lawrence E Boone Elementary we were honored to capture the tranformation of the former Orr Elementary from ground breaking to opening of the newly named Lawrence E. Boone Elementary and athletic field a nearly two year projecct.  We stand by Mr. Ray and Dr. JK


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Boone Elementary Community Forum Mon, 04 May 2020 23:36:09 GMT

A.T. SmithE
atsmith@[email protected]



DC Public Schools Fired Principals’ for Questioning Relay: A Cache of Racist and Militaristic Practices Mandated Only in Impoverished Southeast DC Schools


Washington, DC, April 29 – The District of Columbia Public Schools termination of Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King, Principal, Boone Elementary School, and several additional principals in Southeast DC has sparked protest, controversy, social media buzz, and reopened old racial wounds by oppressed communities hard hit by COVID19, ravaged by disparities, and forever fighting for resources by local elected officials, community leaders, parents, students, and staff.  

Parents and the community believe their principals were terminated due to retaliation from DCPS for questioning the school district’s mandated racist and militaristic practices that perpetuates the “school to prison pipeline,” through its program, only enforced upon Southeast DC schools, called Relay DSC_0865Lawrence E Boone Elementary

Relay has been referred to as a market rate education fraud by Kenneth Zeichner, Professor of Ed. Univ. of Washington and one of America’s leading academics studying teacher education.  He states, “It uses highly controlling pedagogical and classroom management techniques that are primarily used in schools serving students of color in whose communities are severely impacted by poverty. The teaching and management practices are based on a restricted definition of teaching and learning and would not be acceptable in more economically advantaged communities. “Relay works exclusively with ‘other people’s children’ and provide the kind of education that Relay staff would never accept for their own children”. 

In a letter to the school chancellor, Boone’s teachers wrote: “all aspects of RELAY are scripted. Classroom management strategies perpetuate the “school to prison pipeline.” Students must sit up, sit still, nod when spoken to, and must not take their eyes off the speaker. Teachers must assume a “strong voice” in order to “maintain order in the classroom” and to promote the authority and dominance of the teacher. Directions to students must be short and quick. Students drill repeatedly until they assume the expected role-- quiet, docile, and obedient.”

The Southeast DC community want answers:  If Relay is so great and mandated for Southeast children, why not mandate its practices upon affluent children in Northwest DC. Families are still awaiting evidence that Relay is successful in DC public schools.

Trayon White, Councilmember Ward 8, wrote a lengthy letter to the Chancellor called Dr. Jackson-King, “a pillar in the community with much respect, and her departure would create yet another means of widening the educational gap,” and asked the Chancellor to reconsider and reinstate Dr. Jackson-King. Teachers shared many accolades about Dr. Jackson-King: “Over the past 6 years, in an environment where African American students seldom experience innovative and transformational learning opportunities, Dr. Jackson-King has led the initiative in cultivating pride, establishing a loving rapport, and setting high expectations for every scholar. Reinstating Dr. Jackson-King matters now, more than ever.” In addition, local therapists, social workers, school partners, and others have written letters in support of Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King’s reinstatement.

DSC_0874Lawrence E Boonw Elementary Playground
The DC Parent Action Consort (DC PAC), community leaders, unions, activist, parents and former students are rallying in support of the principals and seeking reinstatement by DCPS. Parents have been conducting biweekly outdoor demonstrations in the midst of COVID 19 with protective gear while practicing social distancing.  A website established to support Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King, states she has brought Boone from a 2 Star rating to currently a 3 star rated school;  in addition, under Dr. Jackson-King’s leadership the school performance has grown in all measurable data points.  Furthermore, the website states, “we know Dr. Jackson-King’s removal is not about performance, it's about retaliation” by the Cluster II Instructional Superintendent MaryAnn Stinson due to Dr. Jackson-King’s opposition to Relay and opposing the removal of Boone’s computer lab (STEAM lab.

In January, Dr. Jackson-King opposed the Cluster II Instructional Superintendent’s request to transform Boone’s computer (STEAM Lab) and media center/library as viable options to be transformed into classrooms. In addition, the parent representative for our Local School Advisory Team, parents and community members opposed and petitioned the suggestion by Cluster II Instructional Superintendent. Access to books and educational technology (STEAM Lab) empowers schools to provide multimodal student-centered learning experiences. Both the Chancellor and Councilman Trayon White were not proponents of the Cluster II Instructional Superintendent recommendations and supported Dr. Jackson-King and families in maintaining the school’s facilities.

Parents are outraged that their illustrious principals were fired during COVID 19. A Boone parent stated Dr. Jackson-King’s termination causes additional trauma, “DCPS often talks about being a trauma informed school system, what happens when DCPS officials incite the trauma?"  A tweet states, My child’s emotional health is important too; Covid19 has many families EOTR regular routines chaotic; we turn two school leaders for emotional as well as physical safety. Firing our principal doesn’t help –it causes complex trauma. A grandparent of two second-generation students wrote:  Dr. Jackson-King is relentlessly, working to promote the success of her students, parents, and community. She values her teachers and staff as well as her students.  She sees the potential of greatness in others and empowers them to think outside of the box. 

The DC Parent Action Consort states, “together we will continue to fight against this gross injustice mandated upon the children of Southeast DC, and the termination of a great leaders such as Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King.”


TMD Enterprises ADDS - Petition: Reinstate Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King as Principal of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary School Petition 

This release was sent to TMD Distribution Services, a dvision of TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography.  TMD Enterprises is a friend and neighbor of Lawrence E Boone Elementary we were honored to capture the tranformation of the former Orr Elementary from ground breaking to opening of the newly named Lawrence E. Boone Elementary and athletic field a nearly two year projecct.  We stand by Mr. Ray and Dr. JK

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) . DCPS District of Columbia Public Schools Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King Relay Fri, 01 May 2020 18:23:10 GMT
TMD Enterprises to Capture Arrival & Interment Ceremonies of WWII Pfc Michael Kocopy Photo Courtesy: POW/MIA Accounting AgencyMarine Corps Reserve Pfc. Michael Kocopy, 20, of Gardendale, Pennsylvania Washington, DC - TMD Enterprises a Washington, DC Photography & Videography production company is honored to be asked to capture Baltimore. MD arrival ceremony and Arlington National Cemetery internment of WWII POW Marine Pfc. Michael Kocopy.

According to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Marine Corps Reserve Pfc. Michael Kocopy, 20, of Gardendale, Pennsylvania, was killed during World War II, he was accounted for on Aug. 27, 2019.

In November 1943, Kocopy was a member of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force, which landed against stiff Japanese resistance on the small island of Betio in the Tarawa Atoll of the Gilbert Islands, in an attempt to secure the island. Over several days of intense fighting at Tarawa, approximately 1,000 Marines and Sailors were killed and more than 2,000 were wounded, while the Japanese were virtually annihilated. Kocopy was killed on the first day of the battle, Nov. 20, 1943. His remains were reportedly buried in the Central Division Cemetery on Betio Island.

In 1946, the 604th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company centralized all of the American remains found on Tarawa to Lone Palm Cemetery for later repatriation. However, almost half of the known casualties were never found. No recovered remains could be associated with Kocopy, and in October 1949, a Board of Review declared him “non-recoverable.”

In 2014, History Flight, Inc., a nonprofit organization, identified a site correlated with Cemetery 26. Excavations of the site uncovered multiple sets of remains, which were turned over to DPAA in 2015, where they were subsequently accessioned to the DPAA laboratory.

To identify Kocopy’s remains, scientists from DPAA used anthropological analysis, as well as circumstantial and material evidence. Additionally, scientists from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System used mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis.

DPAA is grateful to the United States Marine Corps for their assistance in this mission. Additionally, DPAA is appreciative to History Flight, Inc., for their partnership in this mission.

Of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, more than 400,000 died during the war. Currently, there are 72,641 service members still unaccounted for from World War II with approximately 30,000 assessed as possibly recoverable. Kocopy’s name is recorded on the Courts of the Missing at the Punchbowl, along with the others killed or lost in WWII. A rosette will be placed next to his name to indicate he has been accounted for.

PFC KoCopy is expected to arrive at BWI on January 28th or 29th in time for his burial at Arlington National Cemetery on January 30, 2020, at 9 am

Owner of TMD Enterprises, Tom Donohue says "I am honored to be asked to document the final stage in Pfc. Kocopy life, his homecoming to his final resting place at Arlington National Ceremony.  Coming from a long line of family who has served in every conflict since WWII.  On behalf of my entire family (including a nephew who is currently deployed) my father, a 42 year retired CSM Thomas Donohue, Sr. and my grandfather WWII Veteran the late Gunners Mate 2nd Class Patrick O’Donnell Jr. Thank you, Pfc. KoCopy and his family for your service to our country and your ultimate sacrifice during WWII, It will be a true honor to capture your final journey home to your final resting place where millions of people can reflect on your service and dedication to the United States of America.



[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Arlington National Cemetery MIA Pfc. Michael KoCopy POW TMD Enterprises WWII Sun, 05 Jan 2020 01:29:22 GMT
TMD Enterprises follows Santa Clause with NORAD  


TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography in Washington, DC is hot on the trail of Santa who has begun his travels throughout the world, Visit this page to see photos of his travels and to know where he is at this moment.  Watch as Santa educates children around the world.  

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) NORAD Tue, 24 Dec 2019 16:16:10 GMT
LIVE STREAM: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A & Agenda Tonights live stream of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A public meeting is brought to you TMD Enterprises a Washington, DC Ward 8 Event Photographer/Videographer.   We hope this broadcast helps our neighbors by providing eyes and ears at meetings they can not attend.

Meeting time 7:00 PM
Agenda can be downloaded here:


Live Stream will be broadcast at

Below please find a note from the Chair:

Dear Residents:

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

This is a reminder that ANC 8A's last public meeting of the decade takes place TONIGHT at DHCD's Housing Resouce Center (corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave and Good Hope Road, SE) at 7 pm.

On our agenda will be Deborah Crain-Kemp from the Office of Planning. She will discuss the DC Comprehensive Plan amendment process and how ANC Commissioners are playing a key role in drafting resolutions for Ward 8 residents and stakeholders as well as a presentation from Mi Casa & the Ward 8 Homebuyers Club for the Homes Within Reach Program.

The draft agenda is attached.

See you later today. 


Troy Donté Prestwood
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A
2100-D Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20020  
(202) 889-6600  (Office)
(202) 642-4TDP (4837)
E:mail1: [email protected]
E-mail2: [email protected]
Twitter: @TroyDonte


Honor the Best in Public Service! Nominate an outstanding DC Government employee and/or team for the 19th Annual Cafritz Awards by December 6th, 2019.


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Tue, 03 Dec 2019 23:04:19 GMT
Photo: 1 little Girl, Two Branches of Goverment, A Life Decision Decided For Her DSC_2532DSC_2532Naya watches the happenings on the street in DC in front of the Supreme Court On Oct 8, 2019, I was photographing the happenings at the Supreme Court while oral arguments were made in two LGBT cases on LGBT Employment discrimination and Transgender Civil Rights. Those supporting LGBT and Transgender Civil Rights began a civil disobedience by obstructing traffic and causing traffic to be re-routed. Upon three verbal warnings by the Supreme Court of the United States Police they 'arrested' the protestors and they orderly removed themselves from the street for processing. While this was happening, I noticed the innocence of a young child. She was sitting quietly focused on what was happening before her. I was struck by her intrigue and attention to the situation. On this day while sitting on a public street of which I help pay to maintain as a District resident (and who has no representative who can vote in Congress in the building behind us) this precious innocence watches federal law enforcement officers corral these now law breaking advocates.  Those non-violent attention seeking protestors sitting in the street are fighting for the rights that are at that very moment being argued before nine US Supreme Court Justices in the building in front of her, The United States Supreme Court. She watches as warnings are given and the protestor's defiance causes them to be taken away. What little Naya doesn't realize is that those Justices are listening to arguments that will affect her life and those of her friends for years to come. She is watching people fight for her and others so that she years from today can reflect upon these photos and say, these are the people who stood up and fought for me. for themselves, for my rights, for their rights that day. What she doesn’t see is that just feet before her behind the thick walls of that historic building tucked away in a chamber are those Justices. They are listening and inquiring about the information that is presented by two different sides of the issue.
This is our political system working before her, while sitting on the ground, she literally sits between two branches of government  In that building in front of her those nine (many of likely will be replaced before she can even vote) will determine whether specific civil rights will dictate how lives will be lived for generations past her own. In the middle are those fighting for the rights they want her to have, they are fighting for her and her present and future friends.  I just can’t help to think that maybe, just maybe, one day she might reflect on this picture and see them as heroes.  Heroes just like the many that have come before them.  Heroes who have disrupted the streets, who have stood up and fought back, who have fight for, won and lost battles, some of which give her what rights we have today.

So, Naya Goodnight little one rest well knowing there are good people fighting for you, they'll fight as long as they can to make sure you live in a better country. May God Bless those nine Justices as they ponder what was presented before them and may God Bless the United States of America.

Tom Donohue
TMD Enterprises
Washington, DC


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Naya Supreme Court Tom Donohue Washington DC Tue, 08 Oct 2019 23:53:28 GMT
Pride Photographer: "Shots Fired", No Shots Fired Well What Was it? Pride Photographer: "Shots Fired", No Shots Fired Well What Was it?
Tom Donohue, Volunteer Photographer Capital Pride Alliance

As an official volunteer photographer for Capital Pride for the last five years, I have gotten to know how the Capital Pride Alliance Team mostly of all volunteers (except its few paid staff) work.  On Saturday, as usual this well-oiled machine with months and months of preparation and much love for our community brings thousands to DC to take the lead in what is a month full of Pride activities across the country.  At 4AM crowd control barricades begin to be placed in and around Dupont - this was new, generally a tractor trailer would pull up and these barriers would be placed down shortly before the start of the parade, however in past years this process would get clogged up sometimes jamming traffic up preventing the movement of the trailer from happening ultimately causing a traffic nightmare and preventing the parade from starting as the parade cannot begin until the parade route is completely secure.

Volunteers who have recently signed up attended trainings lead by Capital Pride Alliance happen in the days and weeks prior to the celebration.  Managing this amount of coordination takes an abundance of organization and planning.  While the parade is being set up across town another celebration is beginning to be set up.  Yes thats right this team of volunteers have not one but two, major events which require the assistance of many district wide agencies both local and federal law enforcement agencies to execute what for many is the safest place for them to be themselves.  While parade participants begin to arrive down one of many access points (I mean you know how big and long the parade is how, where and what does it take to coordinate where everyone goes and in what order is another amazing yearly process that Capital Pride and its volunteers have down) a stage is being constructed in front of the US Capitol.  It will be the home of a completely different team of volunteers who have spent the past year planning and tweaking actual plans - I mean drawings of where every single structure (oh lets not forget details like how much the structure weighs and such in order to be assured everyone will be safe should bad weather arrive) or tent, or generator will be arranged.  The stage, lights, speakers, tents, command center, EMS, I mean to watch both of these areas simultaneously be erected, secured, the meetings, trainings, man power to put Capital Pride together is simply a feat no one even thinks about until you see the behind the scenes.

The attention to detail and the coordination between Capital Pride, local and federal agencies helped prevent what could have been a major incident from happeinng.  As far as the incident that happened on Saturady here are the facts as reported by the MPD:

NBC4 does a real good job at describing the timeline:

  • About 7:20 p.m., nearly three hours into the parade, officers ran into Dupont as parade attendees fled, some shouting that there was a man with a gun. Some said that the man had fired.
  • Police say one concerned citizen flagged down an officer, Blaise Maio, and pointed out Singh and a brown bag under a tree. Maio saw the suspect head toward the bag and stopped him. In the partially open bag, Maio reported he saw what appeared to be a silver handgun.
  • It was later determined that the gun was not a real handgun, but an imitation pistol that Singh identified as a BB gun.
  • Singh was arrested on offenses including possession of a BB gun, carrying a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. While in police custody, Singh allegedly threatened to shoot the person he was earlier in an altercation with. "I'll be back," he said, according to police.  The suspect's "actions caused widespread fear of multiple individuals who were spectating the Capital Pride Parade," the police reports says.
  • A woman in the area was also arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer. It's unclear if the suspects knew each other, but police said the incidents are not related.
  • D.C. Fire and EMS confirmed that they were called to the Dupont area for reports of several injured people after people panicked when they heard accounts of a person with a gun. Some were treated on the scene. Seven people were transported to the hospital.
  • Capital Pride Alliance cancels the parade however assures those celebrating that the remaining events planned will go on.

So to summarize, No shots were fired.  A handgun turned out to be a BB Gun.  Two People arrested.  Parade cut short, all other events still on. Sadly, for the festival its raining.  However, its not expected to get like in 2015.... Remember this - our great time-lapse can remind you:


2015 Capital Pride DownpourTime-lapse Video of Concert*Get One Free download by using Coupon Code CapitalPride upon Checkout *

Look, I started off trying to educate about the process that most people don't see, it’s important to note the behind the scenes steps, the months of meetings and trainings, the coordination between agencies these all came together yesterday at a time when whatever energy or higher power wanted to test the plan. What comes of it could be some tweaks from lessons learned, there is always something to learn from these types of events whatever it is and whether or not it’s made public just assure that from this photographers point of view, Those attending should know the extraordinary efforts that take place to leverage a level of safety with the need for visible and plan clothed law enforcement.  Yesterday's test forced the emergency plans they train so hard to perfect to be implemented. 

Photo: Tom DonohuePresident of the Board of Directors for Capital Pride Alliance listens to an update from law enforcementPresident of the Board of Directors for Capital Pride Alliance listens to an update from law enforcement Photo: TMD Enterprises / Tom Donohue  The Capital Pride team, its executive team lead by the Volunteer & President of the Board, Ashley Smith and its paid Executive Director, Ryan Bos were immediately dispatched, I witnessed Ashley working side by side law enforcement, radio broadcasts were restricted to the most important, cell phones were in hand and some of the best coordination I've seen in events took place. in the end an understandable yet in my opinion unpreventable instinct to flee (something that only instinct can control) took over and the fear resulted in a few minor injuries.  Lessons for the public - well its one we've heard over and over - "If you see something say something" as far as lessons learned by Capital Pride - I can only assume but can attest to is preparation and communication helped to prevent more panic and injury.


DSC_3606DSC_3606 I applaud the entire Capital Pride family, from the top volunteer to the interns and volunteers who worked on its own wrapped

awesome looking float.  Your hard work, consideration for all, ability to stay calm and love for each other tested your family, however as the saying goes, the show must go on and that it did.  I urge the family to take a moment to reflect, to imagine what could have been, to never loose sight of the responsibility you had and continue to have to make sure everyone is safe and finally be proud of the beast you've perfected.  You'll learn something from this and for it next year will be better.

As far as those who sat back to enjoy the beast consider what occurred yesterday, what it could have been, and what it wasn't.  I'd encourage you if your able to reach into your pocket and consider making a tax free contribution to Capital Pride Alliance as a thank you.  You trust them by coming out now thank them for what they've done by investing in future pride events.

Now... who and what is this about a marshmellow head?  Huh?  Off to the intersection where branches of government sometimes collide Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues for a festival.


Capital Pride Alliance Executive Director, Ryan Bos and Board President Ashley SmithRyan & Ashley pose for a shot in front of a projected image of the Smithsonian logo during a 2019 Capital Pride event that took place at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery Photo: TMD Enterprises / Tom Donohue DSC_3595DSC_3595 DSC_3602DSC_3602

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) #CapitalPrideFestival2019 #CapitalPride #CapitalPride2019 #CapitalPrideDC #CapitalPrideFestival #DC #DCPride #DCPride2019 #DCPrideConcert #DCPrideFestival #lgbtq #Pride2019 #shhhOUT Active Shooter Ashley Smith BB Gun Capital Pride Alliance photographer Pride Parade Ryan Bos Tom Donohue Sun, 09 Jun 2019 19:59:39 GMT
YouthBuild USA Alumni Leadership Gathering Video TMD Enterprises, a Washington, DC Photography and Videography Production company presents "Once in YouthBuild Always in YouthBuild" a short video highhlight reel covering the 2019 YouthBuild USA Alumni Leadership Gathering.  Feel free to share


YouthBuild USA Alumn_HD

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) YouthBuild USA YouthBuild USA Alumni Leadership Gathering Sat, 11 May 2019 10:37:36 GMT
YouthBuild USA, Alumni Leadership Gathering YouthBuild USA For those who know me, they know I've had a non-profit hat on a good part of my life.  I have a weak spot for people doing good, wanting good and more importantly people wanting thier own experience to inspire others to follow in their footsteps to good, sometimes changing the direction their life would have gone if that interaction never happened.

I don't want to take away from Nina's message below so I won't go into how many times during this week with YouthBuild, USA I had to hold back emotion or reflect on others stories to get me though a rough week for me personally (I had totaled my car on the way back from the hotel covering their events) So with that said, please allow me the honor (if you haven't met her yet) to introduce you to Ms. Nina Saxon.

Please consider following me and donate to a great cause - YouthBuild USA.  DONATE HERE

Tom Donohue
Owner, TMD Enterprises


Nina Saxton

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) USA Nina Saxton tmd enterprises YouthBuild YouthBuild Alumni YouthBuild Alumni Leadership Gathering Sun, 31 Mar 2019 12:04:10 GMT
Timelapse Video: Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort at Sunset Vegas StripVegas Strip

Here is a cool timelapse video produced by @TMD Enterprises of the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort looking out towards the strip at sunset.  Additionally, if you listen carefully you'll hear aircraft (local news & traffic helecopters and such) flying by.








[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Las Vegas timelapse tmd enterprises Tropicana Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort Vegas Vegas Strip Wed, 20 Mar 2019 01:26:31 GMT
CASH APP SCAM WARNING: Don't Lose Your Balance in Seconds! Don't get caught trying to be helpful and end up being a victim.

"This is slick" says Tom Donohue, Owner of TMD Enterprises Photography & Videograpghy located in Ward 8 of Southeast Washington, DC.  "You literally go from feeling like your helping someone out to that stomach dropping feeling that leaves you frustrated as hell at yourself and pissed that someone just took advantage of you trying to help them."

How many times has someone asked you to use your phone briefly, maybe they tell you thier phone just died and that they needed to make a quick call to arrange a ride or to tell someone to pick up the kids at school real quick.

Well thats what happened someone recently asked me to use my phone to make a quick call as his phone was dead.  Seeing nothing wrong with and having a desire to help them - you unlock your phone and hand it to them.  You don't go far however you can hear someone answering the phone saying you had the wrong number.  I didn't think much about it.  They take another moment to try to recall the right number as it looks like they are pushing in the correct number they open your Cash App and yup, you guessed it within seconds they send your entire Cash App balance to them.  They tell you they can't figure it out and that you'll just wait for your phone to gain enough charge to start up they collect their phone thats charging maybe even say "thank you" with a big smaile and they jet leaving with... nothing.  

Well by the time you recieve the email reciept that a few hundred bucks had been taken from your Cash App.  I kid you not at first I thought I was responsible by butt dialing but quickly realized that your momentary friendly gesture provided the dead phone owner a brief second to transfer funds out of the phone you just opened and create a 'pay' transaction to immediately deposit the amount into their own cash app profile. 

In an email from Cash App's cash support department said, "To provide you with some context into this, Cash App is unable to cancel or refund Cash transactions after the funds have been transferred to the recipient’s bank. However, you can request the same amount of money back from the recipient using the Cash app or via email. It helps to include a note informing them of why you are sending a request." I replied telling him it was stolen from my account and I am currently waiting a response from their Member Disputes team.  I am not very confident however hopeful in a positive outcome.

SInce I don't know the person I don't have an email or phone number I simply have his Cash App member name  which provides me only an opportunity to only send a request tyhrough the app for payment in the same amount back to them in hopes they would refund simply to get a response that my request was declined,

So... Don't let anyoe use your phone ohh and make sure to activate the opt into feature to require password to open the app.  Since it was an opt in and not an opt out option I neverf even thought or really even saw the option.So I await tro hear from Cash App and their disputes department and suggest activating their pin option which I think should be an opt out rather than opt in feature.

Oh yeah, don't let this person borrow your phone.  Imagine that - when I requested the fund back he... Declined. 


IMG_0813IMG_0813Screenshot       53820966_10118812546632634_2469732660512030720_o53820966_10118812546632634_2469732660512030720_o





[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) borrow phone Cash App cellphone dead phone Scam Warning Fri, 08 Mar 2019 20:16:11 GMT
Photos of 2018 Capital Pride as Published by The Advocate Magazine & TMD Enterprises Here are the photos the were published by The Advocate Magazine taken by TMD Enterprises own Tom Donohue - Tom and the Advocate make all of the photos available free of charge to Capital Pride (Tom's also an official Photographer for Capital Pride) for their purposes of continuing to market pride and helping to bring awareness to the many hard working year long volunteers that invest back into their community.  Thank you to the Capital Pride Volunteers, its Volunteer Board of Directors and dedicated staff who work tirelesly throughout the year.



You can see all unedited photos with many dupicate shots etc of this gallery here:  



You can see all unedited photos with many dupicate shots etc of this gallery here:


You can see all unedited photos with many dupicate shots etc of this gallery here:

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) #capitalpride #gay Advocate Magazine capital pride capital pride 2018 dc pride Elementsofus hot 99.5 tmd enterprises tom donohue Thu, 21 Jun 2018 20:20:34 GMT
2018 Capital Pride Festival 36 Hour Time-Lapse This timelapse video was taken over the course of approx 36 hours.  TMD Enterprises used a sissor lift to secrure its camera and external battery pack onto the lamp post which has the Pennsylvania & Constitution Avenues street sign.  With the possibility of bad weather we used the same camera we used for the 2015 time-lapse video from the main stage.  Sure enough the camera made it through some rain and delivered us this great footage of some set up and great crowds.  

A special thanks to: Mike Aug of Chicken Scratch who assisted on Saturday afternoon right before the parade with a sissor lift to secure the camera to the lamp post.

For additional photos from 2015 - 2018 visit

** Please note 2018 photos may take a few days to process so make sure to come back!

Like us on Facebook -  or on Twitter @tmdenterprises

2018 Capital Pride 36 Hour Time-LapseThis timelapse video taken by TMD Enterprises was set up on the lamppost of Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues for approx 36 hours capturing some of the set up and the arriving & departing crowds

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) #capitalpride #elementsofus #timelapse capital pride dc pride tmd enterprises Mon, 11 Jun 2018 07:00:15 GMT
Pride Flashback: 2015 Downpour & Concert Time-lapse Video



CaptureCapture MUST WATCH: TMD Enterprises, an official photographer for 2015 - 2018 Capital Pride placed a time-lapse camera up on the main stage in hopes they'd capture a good summary of the day’s events what they captured was mother nature showing off her pride.  As the afternoon wore on, the skis kept getting darker and darker when a severe thunderstorm was announced, and staff asked everyone to seek shelter, after several prideful hardcore concert goers were evicted by the MPD for their safety the sky let a very prideful mother nature show everyone what she could do and let me tell you she was proud of the amount of rain she dumped on everyone.  There was a river running through the middle of the stage - things were literally floating away it was incredible.  Everyone evacuated and then, the most beautiful thing happened - as it did throughout the morning the crowd slowly began to return and return in HUGE numbers.  The concert filled up as though no one left.  It was amazing and TMD Enterprises captured it all - and without any water damage to its camera - a shocking surprise as it should have floated away with everything else.  So, it back and enjoy the 2015 Capital Pride feature weather and concert presentation hours of video all in just about a minute and a half brought to you by TMD Enterprises.  To check out all our photos from 2015, 2016, 2017 & where our 2018 photos will go visit - 


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) capital pride hot 99.5 timelapse Mon, 04 Jun 2018 10:49:03 GMT
Our work with Toyota DSC_9399 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid raffled off by Toyota at the The 24th annual APAICS Awards Gala Dinner which is the premier event in Washington, D.C. In May, TMD Enterprises was asked to cover the The 24th annual APAICS Awards Gala Dinner which is the premier event in Washington, D.C. to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The evening honors Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders, both current and pioneers, and recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations that continue to politically empower the AAPI community.

This year Toyota, a platinum sponsor raffled off a 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid and TMD Enterprises was asked to provide photography and videography coverage for the event. Thank you to República Toyota’s international agency creating relevant, enduring connections between brands and people across culture, language, and technology for contracting with us on behalf of Toyota. It was such a pleasure working with you both.

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Mon, 21 May 2018 22:11:05 GMT
Circular Summit Powered by Alice Circular Summit Manifesto WallThe Alice Manifesto WallThis wall which was created by the attendees of the Alice Circular Summit is their "collective proclamation" and is intended to "inspire entrepreneurs" everywhere. From this photo taken by Tom Donohue, it is expected that a life size mural will be created and the manifesto will be placed on the wall in the Alice office.


The Alice Manifesto

This wall which was created by the attendees of the Alice Circular Summit is their "collective proclamation" and is intended to "inspire entrepreneurs" everywhere.

From this photo taken by Tom Donohue, it is expected that a life size mural will be created and the manifesto will be placed on the wall in the Alice office.


Portrait Studio

During the 13 hours Bryant maned the portrait studio where each of the 300 women entrepreneurs was able to have a professional headshot taken.  We took over 2500 shots many which are duplicates to avoid things like closed eyes.  Bryant will work on narrowing them down to 3-5 for each woman to use throughout the year(s) ahead.


While Bryant was shooting in the studio, I was zipping around the United States Institute for Peace here in Washington, DC.  It had stairs, and to me  a lot of stairs .  The health app said I walked/ran 4.2 miles and did 10,039 stairs which comes out to about 93 floors I looked at other days and well, lets not compare at the moment ok, yesterday I got my exercise in thats for sure.  No doubt in that because I took some nearly 1400 pictures 170 of them I put to a twelve minute video that you can see on Youtube.

It turned out pretty well for one that is not much of an editor.  Sind wind cancelled Fridays session I shared it online/Twitter.  Now our next gig is  with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) Bar Association closer to the end of the month.  Other things that are expected is some work with SKANSKA Construction for the school across the street from my home office. - Orr Elementary.  We're still waiting to hear back whether or not they are going to accept our quote for a video send off when they tear down the old school where the students are until the new building is completed.  Wish us luck on that as it would be a fun project.

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) tmd enterprises Fri, 02 Mar 2018 17:38:17 GMT
2018 Capital Pride Theme: Elements of Us As an official photographer for Capital Pride we're excited to share the news of this years 2018 Capital Pride Theme.

Capital Pride's 2018 theme is “Elements of Us,” which acknowledges that every person’s life is composed of a kaleidoscope of extraordinary parts, including identity, race, sexuality, gender, spirituality, experience, beliefs, goals, and so much more.These elements influence who we are and help sustain and balance us in what can be an otherwise perplexing and difficult world. Who we are also links us to each other and to our exceptional LGBTQ+ community. We are constantly challenged to celebrate and appreciate what makes each of us unique, while at the same time we are called to recognize that our common goals bind us together, each to the other. Thus, collectively through Pride, we are able to create a powerful foundation that will help us advance the cause of human dignity, equal rights, and a world free from discrimination and prejudice. Together let us stand tall, look forward, take a deep breath, and become who we are meant to be – confident, supportive, resilient, compassionate, and glorious. Let’s celebrate the many Elements of Us!

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) capital pride capital pride 2018 dc pride elements of us tmd enterprises Fri, 02 Feb 2018 01:51:19 GMT
WHY IS CNN SENDING THE HAWAII FALSE BALLISTIC Message Over and Over @CNN Why do you keep sending the Hawaii's false ballistic message over and over?  I get it, I read it now stop it please!



[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) cnn hawaii false ballistic stop sending message Tue, 30 Jan 2018 22:33:36 GMT
TMD Enterprises Photos Published by DC's Metro Weekly A collection of  galleries  taken by TMD Enterprises & published by Washington, DC's Metro Weekly

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) 17th street festival awesome con after party awesome-con metro weekly stonewall kickball dragball tmd enterprises tom donohue Tue, 23 Jan 2018 05:37:45 GMT
TMD Enterprises photos published by The Adcocate Magazine
​The Advocate is an American LGBT-interest magazine, printed bi-monthly[2] and available by subscription. The Advocate brand also includes a website. Both magazine and website have an editorial focus on news, politics, opinion, and arts and entertainment of interest to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people. The magazine, established in 1967,[3] is the oldest and largest LGBT publication in the United States and the only surviving one of its kind that was founded before the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City, an incident that is generally credited as the beginning of the LGBT rights movement.

The Advocate is an American LGBT-interest magazine, printed bi-monthly[2] and available by subscription. The Advocate brand also includes a website. Both magazine and website have an editorial focus on news, politics, opinion, and arts and entertainment of interest to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people. The magazine, established in 1967,[3] is the oldest and largest LGBT publication in the United States and the only surviving one of its kind that was founded before the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City, an incident that is generally credited as the beginning of the LGBT rights movement.



[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) dc eagle distrkt c the advocate magazine tmd enterprises tom donohue Tue, 23 Jan 2018 04:35:24 GMT
State Innovation Exchange (SIX) 4th Annual Legislator Conference video highlights SIX Conference BannerSIX Conference Banner

Cecile Richards Six Legislator Conference Keynote

SIX Executive Director Nick Rathod Remarks at 2017 SIX Legislator Conference

SIX Plenary: States Resisting Trump and the Conservative Federal Agenda


[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) cecile richards ilyse hogue karine jean-pierre mike mcguire naral nick rathod nily rozic planned parenthood six six legislator conference symone sanders tmd enterprises Tue, 17 Oct 2017 08:30:47 GMT
BREAKING NEWS: Edith Windsor has died at 88 Photo Credit: Tom Donohue / TMD EnterprisesEdith Windsor has died at 88Photos taken of Edith Windsor during 2017 Capital Pride Pride Brunch. Edith passed away September 12, 2017. Photo Credit: Tom Donohue / TMD Enterprises Washington (CNN)Edith Windsor, the plaintiff in the 2013 United States Supreme Court case that struck down a federal law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, has died at 88, according to her lawyer.

Windsor's death was first reported by The New York Times.

As the lead plaintiff in the legal challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013, Windsor was a hero to supporters of LGBT rights, who credited the SCOTUS ruling in her case as being the first step to an eventual ruling two years later that cleared the way for same-sex marriage nationwide.

Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said that with Windsor's death, "we lost one of this country's great civil rights pioneers."

"The wheels of progress turn forward because of people like Edie, who are willing to stand up in the face of injustice," Romero said in a statement. "One simply cannot write the history of the gay rights movement without reserving immense credit and gratitude for Edie Windsor."

Former President Bill Clinton, who had signed DOMA into law, also tweeted about Windsor's death.

"In standing up for herself, Edie also stood up for millions of Americans and their rights. May she rest in peace," Clinton tweeted.

Former President Barack Obama also offered his condolences, and said he had a conversation with her a few days ago, in which he told her "one more time what a difference she made to this country we love."

"Few were as small in stature as Edie Windsor -- and few made as big a difference to America," Obama said.

Same-sex marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court while Obama was in office.

Windsor, who was from New York, often said that she fought her battle in memory of her wife Thea Clara Spyer, who died in 2009. Windsor and Spyer married in 2007 after some 40 years together as a couple.

When Spyer died, she left her estate to Windsor, who then sought to claim federal estate tax exemptions that exist for surviving spouses. Windsor was barred from obtaining the exemption under DOMA, which defined "marriage" as excluding same-sex couples. 

Windsor sought a refund of over $300,000 dollars but was denied by the IRS. Her lawyers argued that DOMA violated equal protection. 

Justice Anthony Kennedy, joining the liberals, wrote the 5-4 opinion striking down the law that he said placed "same-sex couples in an unstable position of being in a second-tier marriage." Kennedy said that the law "demeans" same-sex couples "whose moral and sexual choices the Constitution protects." 

"Under DOMA, same-sex married couples have their lives burdened, by reason of government decree, in visible and public ways," Kennedy wrote. 

Windsor was survived by her wife, Judith Kasen-Windsor.

"I lost my beloved spouse Edie, and the world lost a tiny but tough as nails fighter for freedom, justice and equality. Edie was the light of my life. She will always be the light for the LGBTQ community which she loved so much and which loved her right back," Kasen-Windsor said in a statement.

In a statement from Windsor's attorney, Roberta Kaplan, Kaplan said representing Windsor "was and will always be the greatest honor of my life."

"She will go down in the history books as a true American hero. With Edie's passing, I lost not only a treasured client, but a member of my family. I know that Edie's memory will always be a blessing to Rachel, myself, and Jacob. I also know that her memory will be a blessing not only to every LGBT person on this planet, but to all who believe in the concept of b'tzelem elohim, or equal dignity for all," she said.

GLAAD, an LGBT media monitoring organization, also remembered Windsor on Twitter, saying: "Edie Windsor was a hero and her contributions to the fight for equality and acceptance will be remembered forever."

CNN Article: 

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) #capitalpride edith windsor edith windsor died tmd enterprises Wed, 13 Sep 2017 00:07:55 GMT
Six Flags Pride Splash & Ride 2017 - Photos & Timelapse Video with storm!


Photos publisjhed by the Advocate Magazine can be found here (click on photo):


CaptureAdvoacte Magazine


You can find the Drag Show/audience performances below



[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) #capitalpride #gay #pridesplash #sixflags #unapologeticallyproud capital pride tmd enterprises Mon, 14 Aug 2017 01:04:16 GMT
TMD Enterprises Seeks Contracted Photographers, Videographers & Production Assistants TMD Enterprises-logo-FinalTMD Enterprises-logo-Final We're Growing! Well Sorta.

This means we're ready not just yet for PT or FT staff but a team of subcontractors who we could turn to and inquire whether you're available to help us when needed.  We have a few projects coming up where that is necessary.

With that said, if you'd like to submit your information along with references and samples of your work we'd love to review and consider you when we are in need of additional photographers, videographers and production assistants.  With all three positions we'd need you to have editing experience.  Photographers and PA's need to be able to edit photos - pretty basic stuff though.  Videographers would need to be able to edit.

Both photographers and videographers would be required to sign an assignment of copyright over to TMD Enterprises in order to be considered.

Typically you'll hear from us within a week via email, if you don't happen to hear from us feel free to email [email protected].

Thank you for considering sharing your talents with us and we look forward to reviewing your work.

We encourage you to follow us on Twitter @tmdenterprises or on Facebook at @tmdenterprisesdc

Clink on the link below to be taken to our employment page.



[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) employment for hire now hiring photographers production assistants tmd enterprises videographers Thu, 10 Aug 2017 03:40:54 GMT
Video of Miley Cyrus at DC Pride W/ Exclusive Photos

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) #capitalpride #diva #gay #lgbtq #pridemonth #unapologeticallyproud capital pride dc pride miley cyrus tmd enterprises tom donohue Sun, 18 Jun 2017 05:56:08 GMT
Crowd Size Equality March & Pride Aerials Photo Credit: Tom Donohue / TMD EnterprisesUnity March 2017 I Street NW Washington DCThis photo taken by Tom Donohue down I street from atop of the Club Quarters Hotel on the corner of 17th and I.

Oh, why not throw another picture into the mix of whether this crowd was larger than Trumps Inauguration?  The debate has already begun however all I have to say as the photographer is that crowd was pretty big from atop of the Club Quarters Hotel. Speaking of that - I should share the story of how I got these shots.

About a week - week and a half prior to the March I had started to call property management companies like Kushman and Wakefield inquiring about a stakeout for the march.  I kept getting told that they didn't have staff on hand over the weekend.  I was starting to feel a bit bummed as it was looking like I wasn't going to get this shot.

Sunday morning after a very long day Saturday attending an early Volunteer training and drag brunch for Capital Pride (I'm also the official photographer for Capital Pride) and then the Pride Parade (which ran way long) I started on my Segway mini (thank GOD for that thing) and stopping in buildings along the route again I kept striking out.  It was funny at one point I zoomed past a secret service agent who was watching me.  So, I stopped and explained that I was looking for a place up high to take some photos and he joked (or not) saying that would get me much attention and a lot of eyes on me (the start of the march was really only a block or two away from the White House) I explained that’s why I stopped to let him know and frankly that isn't a crime so feel free to watch all you want.  He took a picture of my TMD Press Credentials and wished me luck.  

I'm pretty much giving up at this point.  I noticed we were trying to get folks to line up down I street to begin the march so on my way i went zipping around blowing my whistle (sorry to those who had to hear it!) but while wrangling everyone into the street I noticed ropes dangling from the room of the Club Quarters Hotel, most probably didn't even notice or thought nothing about it.  For me this was opportunity the window washing guys were only like 1/3 down from the top, however I didn't go anywhere I waited until the first person got to the ground and I asked him to take me to his supervisor.  Once I got through to him (darn I should have paid attention during Spanish) he took me over to the Chief Engineer and I began to tell him how much he could make my day.  He needed very little convincing I told him I wanted to capture the image for historical purposes and within like a minute he said yes and took me right up to the 11th floor then up onto the roof.  Can I tell you the window washer guys they have some view but more importantly I can't fathom having to do that job.  Woah.

I started to shoot up and down the street even with my wider lens I couldn't get everyone in the shot plus there were a lot of people filling up Connecticut Ave and not going to fill in I had they this picture frame would have been so much bigger.  I snapped away as the march started off -for some reason I was nervous I couldn't really see well as I was leaning over the building extending my arm trying to clear as much of the building as possible It was a really cool experience and a story I probably won't forget for a while.  Plus, these can go into the history books and be kept for historical purposes.  

Photo Credit: Tom Donohue / TMD EnterprisesA look down Constitution Ave towatrds the Nations Capital over looking Capital PrideCapital Pride Festival and Pride Concert from atop of the highest spot in the district open to the public. The Historic Site: The Clock Towner of the former post office building As I mentioned earlier for the third year now I have donated all of my time and resources to Capital Pride Alliance for about a week and a half capturing the pride events generally kicking off with the Heroes Gala.  Man its always so much work but its a lot of fun. I truly love doing it and invest a lot of time and energy.  It has brought a lot of awareness of my services and a little business.  This year I got a call just before leaving for an event from a firm on the west coast who represent AT&T they wanted someone to record their footprint/tent during Capital Pride. They did not realize that I was Prides photographer but I got in touch with a colleague of mine who has worked for me before and asked if he could do it as I didn't have any more bandwidth to give.  Thankfully he said yes and I was glad to help them out.  So upon leaving the Rally like a block away I went to the Newseum got some good shots from their sixth floor (thank you Newsuem this is the second year they've allowed me to do that) Then I went off to Trump Tower where the second highest place in the district allows for an awesome view.  The first is the Washington Monument and we all know that broken story.  From the Newseum I went over to see if I could get up there (its somewhat of a secret gem such a beautiful day and no one was in line. I got right up and was able to get some shots.  They have this wiring which makes it hard to get the shots but I was able to pull off this one.   

Then I uploaded some of the crowd shots to twitter saying that I figured there were a few people waiting for Miley Cyrus and headed back to the main stage.  One bummer of the day is when I was up on the roof I left behind a small 2x2 high def camera clipped to the edge of the building thinking its easier to say I left something up there then to ask for permission to leave it there lol - I know bad me.  I had hoped it would have provided for a video of the entire route but after about a minute it shut off and I didn't capture a single person walking by lol.  Boo. The angle would have provided for a good video even time lapse had it worked.

Well those are the stories behind the shots this time.  For those interested I'll also post the galleries from the Advocate Magazine I shot and leave you with the url of all of my shots which are now posted on our website which include all the aerial shots from both events.  Feel free to leave some comments or share the story and remember you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook 

DC Trans Pride                                                              


What a 360 view from on top of the double decker bus on Sunday during #CapitalPride concert. Photo Credit: TMD Enterprises an official photographer of Capital Pride. Contact [email protected] with photo/video inquiries. @capitalpridedc #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Click on the photo to see our entire gallery of official photos from Capital Pride 

[email protected] (TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography) Advocate Magazine Aerial Capital Pride Crowd DC Pride Equality March Newseum TMD Enterprises Tom Donohue Fri, 16 Jun 2017 10:51:52 GMT