CASH APP SCAM WARNING: Don't Lose Your Balance in Seconds!

March 08, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Don't get caught trying to be helpful and end up being a victim.

"This is slick" says Tom Donohue, Owner of TMD Enterprises Photography & Videograpghy located in Ward 8 of Southeast Washington, DC.  "You literally go from feeling like your helping someone out to that stomach dropping feeling that leaves you frustrated as hell at yourself and pissed that someone just took advantage of you trying to help them."

How many times has someone asked you to use your phone briefly, maybe they tell you thier phone just died and that they needed to make a quick call to arrange a ride or to tell someone to pick up the kids at school real quick.

Well thats what happened someone recently asked me to use my phone to make a quick call as his phone was dead.  Seeing nothing wrong with and having a desire to help them - you unlock your phone and hand it to them.  You don't go far however you can hear someone answering the phone saying you had the wrong number.  I didn't think much about it.  They take another moment to try to recall the right number as it looks like they are pushing in the correct number they open your Cash App and yup, you guessed it within seconds they send your entire Cash App balance to them.  They tell you they can't figure it out and that you'll just wait for your phone to gain enough charge to start up they collect their phone thats charging maybe even say "thank you" with a big smaile and they jet leaving with... nothing.  

Well by the time you recieve the email reciept that a few hundred bucks had been taken from your Cash App.  I kid you not at first I thought I was responsible by butt dialing but quickly realized that your momentary friendly gesture provided the dead phone owner a brief second to transfer funds out of the phone you just opened and create a 'pay' transaction to immediately deposit the amount into their own cash app profile. 

In an email from Cash App's cash support department said, "To provide you with some context into this, Cash App is unable to cancel or refund Cash transactions after the funds have been transferred to the recipient’s bank. However, you can request the same amount of money back from the recipient using the Cash app or via email. It helps to include a note informing them of why you are sending a request." I replied telling him it was stolen from my account and I am currently waiting a response from their Member Disputes team.  I am not very confident however hopeful in a positive outcome.

SInce I don't know the person I don't have an email or phone number I simply have his Cash App member name  which provides me only an opportunity to only send a request tyhrough the app for payment in the same amount back to them in hopes they would refund simply to get a response that my request was declined,

So... Don't let anyoe use your phone ohh and make sure to activate the opt into feature to require password to open the app.  Since it was an opt in and not an opt out option I neverf even thought or really even saw the option.So I await tro hear from Cash App and their disputes department and suggest activating their pin option which I think should be an opt out rather than opt in feature.

Oh yeah, don't let this person borrow your phone.  Imagine that - when I requested the fund back he... Declined. 


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