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May 04, 2020  •  4 Comments

A message from The Friends of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary:

DSC_0865DSC_0865 Hello Southeast, East of the River (EoTR), and River East residents, it's time for us to unmute Ward 8 #unmuteW8. It's time to be informed about the racist practices enforced upon our children, the lack of transparency with families, and the wide-spread injustice that's happening to school leadership EoTR, by District of Columbia Public Schools.

Join our first of many community forum informational session meetings this Friday, May 8th to find out what's happening in our DCPS schools and address the below questions and more.

Question: Why did White Instructional Superintendents enforce Relay. Relay has racist and militaristic practices that's forced upon EoTR schools only? No NW schools have Relay.

Question: Why has only White Instructional Superintendents fired/non-reappointed multiple Black principals from SE DC and ZERO principals have been fired in NW DC?

Question: Why were Black principals fired by White Instructional Superintendents for questioning Relay?

If WE don't stand together and demand change NOW, on these issues, DCPS knows WE will fall for whatever they push upon our children EoTR.

We need: parents, guardians, students, teachers, school staff, principals/APs, business owners, vendors activist, clergy, comm. leaders, and ALL residents of Ward 8, in the words of Trayon White, "do something." Thank you!



Stay informed:


TMD Enterprises ADDS - Petition: Reinstate Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King as Principal of Lawrence E. Boone Elementary School Petition 

This release was sent to TMD Distribution Services, a dvision of TMD Enterprises Photography & Videography.  TMD Enterprises is a friend and neighbor of Lawrence E Boone Elementary we were honored to capture the tranformation of the former Orr Elementary from ground breaking to opening of the newly named Lawrence E. Boone Elementary and athletic field a nearly two year projecct.  We stand by Mr. Ray and Dr. JK



Daoud Rasheed(non-registered)
Daoud Rasheed is a statement I work with Dr. King in Wheatley elementary school in Trinidad wanted to touch this neighborhood in DC one of the toughest but as an employee of Dcps if Dr. King one and two and I wanted to we could’ve stayed at Wheaton Include a retired well-off but we headed south, East I want to Ballou high school and from there I was sent To Simon Elementary school i’ve worked at West Elementary in Northwest hey children in Sheppard 16th St. area somethings wrong with Dcps and has to be fixed Dr. King went to Southeast to work that was rough Area and still isDon’t let the new building fool you you’ll get hurt around it if you treat people wrong Keep your hands off the children the weakest ones Dr. King hadn’t seen you since about 2011 I don’t know about you Dr. King but I felt like something was calling me to go to Southeast to work so much history in Southeast and rich people I met with Marion Barry about my problem at Dcps the one thing he told me and now and now I understand more and more he said you have to get a lawyer He will tell his secretary get branch on the phone I want to talk to him,Trevon White This is Daoud Rasheed Veda Rasheed father keep up the good work I can’t say enough about Dr. king she’s something special got To Stop Relay Know ✈️⛴❤️✅
Daoud Rasheed(non-registered)
My name is Daoud Rasheed I came in to Dcps as a custodian at the grade of 510 and it was a murder at Wheatley Elementary school A parent was murdered in the alley Way, Wheatley elementary school Dr. King has been through so much of understanding the community blood funerals prisons broken homes unprepared new teachersAnd I only work with her for two yearsJust thinking to myself when will It stop
Daoud Rasheed(non-registered)
Dr. King You have to put some pictures up of the old building and it look like a prison and that’s when you work there to You kept the community going you inspired everyone around put some pictures up of the old building and apply it with relay and you can go to any photographs of prisons all over the United States in a in a in a building structure that was there before the new structure for the new new community it’s forgotten prison pipeline a mini storiesThat can be who’s teaching our children do we know the people questionNew building with prison rules of a relay system of injustice on the black and brown and a few people to still have hope in American dream we’ve been here and has Michael Jackson said they don’t really care about us Dr. King thank you for giving me something to fight for and with you peace of mind
EL Daoud A Rasheed(non-registered)
I first met Dr. King around 2009 and I worked with her till around 2011 in order to understand the love and appreciation for the computer lab you must go to Wheatley elementary school in Trinidad to the computer lab and what it has done for the students and the community this is a horrible thing to take this away from our children now that we need this technology more than ever I believe this is a racist act by her evaluator I fully support her and I will have more comments because there’s so many things you can say about Dr. king Looking forward to working with you again Dr. King in your endeavor to reclaim your seat at the new building Godspeed
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