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TMD Enterprises has developed the photography & videography departments.  We are currently developing our public relations and news wire services for the Washington, DC Area.  With the expansion of these two services, TMD Enterprises can assist in requests for launching public relations matters and also supplying sourced news information for the Washington, DC area.

As a credentialed member of the media, we have had access to events such as President George W Bush Funeral to national Marches like the Equality March.

An Email Chain With DC Council Chair and his Confusion Between Politics & Concern

September 01, 2020
As a resident of Ward 8 in DC for eight years, I got fed up thinking about the lack of updates regarding the mass shooting that occurred a few weeks ago this email chain...
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Hey! Remember That DC Mass Shooting, Largest One Ever in DC? Here's Why You Should Be MAD AS HELL.

August 27, 2020
It’s now been over two weeks since the shooting that took place on Sunday, August 9th at 12:20 am on the 3300 block of Dubois St SE Twenty-one people were shot and one 17...
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SE DC Public School Admin Now A Whistleblower Discusses Alarming Concerns For All Kids In All Wards

July 03, 2020
Mr. Marlon Ray Raised by his eldest brother, who substituted for a deceased mother and an absent father, Marlon knows all too well that less-than-ideal circumstances shal...
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PRESS RELEASE: Longtime Southeast School Administrator Files for DC Whistleblower Protections

June 29, 2020
PRESS RELEASE EMBARGOED UNTIL July 1, 2020 Contact: Tom Donohue Office: 202-525-4390 x102 Email: [email protected] Who: Mr. Marlon Ray. Director of Strategy &...
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