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The most humbling and the biggest compliment a client or admirer of our work can do is spread the word by offering a few kind works on the following sites. The traffic TMD Enterprises gets from any number of these sites is vital to our success.  We'd be more than thankful if you'd consider submitting your thoughts to just one however if you copy and paste your review can go much further, be seen by many more and have a much larger impact on our success if you'd share with more than one or even all of the following. We'd thank you and appreciate your time in rating our work and offering a few quick words.  Trust us this is the single most powerful thing you could do for us and should you decide to offer your thoughts We thank you for having an impact on our business and we thank you for either trusting us with capturing your event or stopping by to admire.

Facebook - let me share a few quick thoughts on this - sadly we had posted a photo with some personal comments about what we (Tom) the photographer interpreted what he saw and why he took it - unfortunately, there were folks who we've never met, spoke to, or had any other contact with write and rate us a 1 just because they were not supportive of the LGBT Community, we have attempted to have FB remove however as of now its unlikely they will.  So with that said please do not pay much attention to the things they said we'd welcome and encourage to offer us the highest rating you think we deserve.

Finally thank you for making TMD Enterprises such a success as a small ward 8 business your support goes a long way in helping to keep us going and giving back when and where we can.

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